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Daydreaming about Spring with Arancini

 Well, kind of.

I eat Paella a lot. Once a month, at least. Despite sounding fearsome, it’s such an easy meal to make and it’s our default for a hearty weekend meal when we can’t quite be bothered to spend time in the kitchen. As a dish, it’s pretty much perfect; cooked in one dish, to be eaten communally with a big serving spoon and warmed dishes and ridiculously adapatable¬†– you want Chicken and Chorizo? OK. Rabbit and plump, black Olives? Sure. Green Beans, Tomatoes and Pepper. You got it. Adjust to taste, and enjoy.

There’s leftovers, of course. There always is these days; thoughts turning to how many meals can I get out of this borne out of not only frugality but of the wish not to eat well the day after, too. Arancini is the perfect way to transform Paella and Risotto into another cheeky little snack. This leftover imposter isn’t true Arancini; but it’s perfect finger food to enjoy with a beer.

All you need do is take your leftover Paella (in this case, seafood – Prawn, Mussels and Chorizo), and chill overnight in a sealed tub or jar. When ready, chop any larger parts of meat or fish smaller, and grate lots of cheese into it – I had some Manchego left over and that was perfect . Roll the rice into balls, and then roll in seasoned flour, beaten egg, and breadcrumbs.

Drop into hot oil and watch them. As soon as they turn a darker shade of brown, they are done. Keep an eye on them – they cook quickly. Drain well on kitchen paper, and eat as soon as you can with another sprinkling of salt, some lemon, and a dipping sauce of Mayonnaise blended with smoked Paprika, a minced Garlic clove, and a splash of Tabasco.

Beer-wise, you want something crisp and cool, something to cleanse the palate and refresh after the oil, salt ,and cheese. Hop Studios Pilsner  Рsee previous post for full tasting notes Рis perfect. Cool, long, chilled and way, way too easy to drink. Eat with hands immediately and look forward to Spring.

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