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Burger Week on TGS: Blue Cheese & Mushroom Burger

If there’s one thing I adore on a burger, it’s Blue Cheese. There’s so much added complexity when you add it, it elevates your lucky meat above mere Cheeseburger. Adding Chestnut Mushrooms only enhances the deep, savoury awesomeness of this filling Burger.

Get your Mushrooms going first. I prefer Chestnut Mushrooms for this ; but it’s really up to you. Portobello would be good, as would Ceps, if you can find them. Slice and saute in a knob of butter and a splash of Olive Oil until golden. Whilst all this is going on, get your burgers on: as before – Hot Griddle Pan, a little oil and your burgers. Season with some salt this time, though.

When the Burger are nearly done, crumble that Blue Cheese onto it and leave to melt. I used a Blue Stilton, but you can literally use any you like. If you don’t like Blue Cheese, then I guess any strongish-tasting cheese will do. I’ve also used Cornish Yarg, which is an awesome cheese, with Mushrooms before to excellent effect.

Open a poppy-seed bun, spread a little dollop of Mayo on it  – not too much, it’s going to be rich enough – and enjoy. This Burger is rich,filling and one to be savoured – much like the beer I’d like to recommend for you. Hardknott’s Dark Energy has a lovely Woody note running through it, which sits really well with the beef, cheese and mushrooms. There’s hints of Black Pepper and Blackcurrant floating about too, but the beer has a wonderfully juicy, plummy finish with the slightest of Citrus finishing things up slightly fresher than you’d expect. However, if you can’t get a hold of this, Darker beers are where you want to be going, or maybe even sweet Barley Wines…experiment and let me know how you get on.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for Burger Week – so far. It’s been a popular little series, so I will be resurrecting it later in the year. In the meantime, If you have any Burgers you like and you’d like to see me make, drop me an email. I’ll take a look, and maybe you’ll see your burger in Burger Week: The Sequel! I’m very aware that there’s been no Veggie ones on here, so give me some ideas, you beer-drinking Veggies!


Burger Week on TGS – The Bacon-Cheese BagelBurger

Well –  you all know that I like doing themed weeks,and I think it’s about time the humble Burger got some love on here. Actually, I take that back –  The Burger is not humble; it’s awesome. Perfect in the way that great hand-food tends to be – a blank canvas, jack of all trades and master of them all; a moveable feast. Fast food, good food, tasty food. You can literally have your burger your way anytime you make one; all you need do is have a little imagination with the things you can change – the topping, and the bread itself. And, of course, the beer you enjoy alongside it. All are tasty little wingmen to your meaty (or not, if you’re Veggie) filling.

There are, of course, a few simple rules that I would suggest before embarking on a Burger Odyssey. As with most things, Quality is key. Good – Quality Burgers are a must, whether it be from online suppliers, Farmer’s Markets, Farm Shops, or Butchers. If making your own, I strongly suggest buying your meat close to when you are going to make them; in my opinion frozen beef mince just doesn’t form right. I didn’t make my own for this recipe (I bought mine from the Farm Shop next to the Hunter’s Inn in Pool), but if you want to make your own, my recipe is simply as follows:

Good Beef or Steak Mince, micro-fine diced Red Onion, a dash of Tomato Ketchup, a Dash of Tomato Puree, Salt, Pepper. 

I’m sure there are loads of recipes out there, however, if you don’t like the sound of that. If this is a little dry I sometimes add an Egg Yolk to bind it all; but I know some purists will scoff at that. You can add anything you want to them. Chilli, Herbs, BBQ Sauce, Mustard Powder, Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce – anything. It’s your Burger. Just don’t add breadcrumbs, for god’s sake – otherwise, you have a meatball.

We might not have the deep psychological bond that our American Cousins have. We have great ingredients over here but we tend to put all that on a pedestal – Burgers should be for everyone. ‘Gourmet‘ Burgers and terms like that turn my stomach – there’s nothing ‘Gourmet’ about good food. It’s as simple as that; Good Burgers and Bad Burgers. Let’s not patronise the little patty any further; Burgers are great and we all love them.

Two's Up

So, first up, here’s my go-to Burger: The Bacon-Cheese BagelBurger. As with all the upcoming recipes, the only way to go is with a hot (really hot) Cast-Iron Griddle Pan. Just brush the burger with a little oil, and cook  – turning once – to your liking. I like mine a little pink but I know that this turns some folk off when it comes to minced meat. Whilst this badboy is sizzling away, lay smoked, streaky bacon next to it and let them crisp up.

Lightly toast your Bagel, and set aside. Lay slices of Smoked Cheese (I use Wensleydale’s Oak Smoked, which is awesome) and melt that on top of the burger. Make your burger up and top with a couple of sliced Cornichons or Dill Pickles, and a couple of slices of Tomato. I like the creamy-sweet combo of Tomato Ketchup and Mayo with this burger.

There you have  it – the classic; the bagel makes it a little sweeter, the smoked bacon gives saltiness and richness, the smoked Wensleydale giving more deep smoke but with a little tangy hit to round things off.

To drink? Meantime’s Union is a fantastic Burger beer. An uncomplicated but classy beer, there’s masses of sweet toffee going on in the body, with a bready nose and an ever-so-slightly peppery finish. It does a wonderful job of cutting through the meat and sauce without overloading your palate with sweetness or hops. If you can’t get this; I’d suggest any sweetish Amber Ale, such as Bath Ale’s Gem, Ilkley’s Best, Brooklyn Lager, or Anchor Steam.

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