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>SummerWine Project 6 IPA Brew 2


…Regular readers will be familiar with SummerWine’s Summer IPA project, and I’m pleased to see that Brew #2 landed this week. Brew#2 proved to be a paler pint than #1, and, as expected, loaded with hops. Whereas #1 had a more herbal, green note, #2 has a much more citrus-led profile. I don’t know what hops are in it, but I’d hazard a suggestion of Centennial and Amarillo being present. Still smooth, and very drinkable for its abv as before, #2 is a much fruitier beast than its predecessor.

Still, I’d like to do a side-by-side comparison, as well – What about bottling this set of big IPA’s, SummerWine lads?

As usual, tasted in Foley’s.
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