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>BrewDog Single Hop IPA Launch


BrewDog will be launching their new Single-Hopped IPA range Wednesday (16th Feb) at North. The new range is esentially the same base beer with four single hopped versions available: Citra, Bramling Cross, Nelson Sauvin or Sorachi Ace. North will be presenting them with thier hops for comparison and I’m sure they will go do down a treat with hop-heads (with the beers weighing in a 75b IBU’s each) and BrewDog fans alike.

>Leeds’s Leodis Lager

I like The Brewery Tap, I really do. The latest addition to Leeds’ Brewery’s stable, I find it more welcoming than The Midnight Bell, more authentic than Pin. It sort of sits in the middle of those two, not really a bar, not really a pub.
I think it’s more of a brewpub – although with only a small brewhouse upstairs, which produces lager. Yep, that’s right – Lager.

Launched on St George’s Day, Leodis is brewed on-site, and in a lot of ways represents Leeds’s ability to tap into what’s popular right now. Well, with me, anyway. I didn’t really know quality lager existed in the UK (If it wasn’t Pilsner Urquell then I wasn’t interested) until my head-turning epiphany with Taddington’s Moravka, so this came at the right time. And The Brewery Tap is a fine place to drink it in – if you indeed want to choose it over the Midnight Bell.

Anyway, I was here for the lager. Incredibly lively, with a big buttery nose, it certainly smelled interesting. After the big citrus kick, the flavour mellows out somewhat, leaving a flinty, dry finish that reminded me of Dortmunder Union or a much less hoppy Jever. However, I fear that this won’t replace the lager-drinker’s tipple of choice too soon. Why? This is a big beer. 4.6% abv, there’s a lot of flavour packed in there, and it was incredibly fizzy. In short, not something I would deem too sessionable. But then again, like I said above; maybe I don’t give ‘Lager drinkers’ enough credit.
However – that’s just me. If people switch from Peroni or Beck’s onto Leodis, then surely that is a result. Who knows, maybe they’ll go from that to the Leeds Pale, and from then on it’s onwards and upwards; and it’s not all about ‘converting people’ either – Leeds are brewing something a little different, and serving it a lot colder than usual. Brewing something new is good.

Leeds Brewery

The Brewery Tap. 18 New Station Street, Leeds. 0113 2434414

>North Bar’s Oktoberfest

>It’s a strange, heady smell that greets my nostrils as i walk into North on this autumnal wednesday. Bratwurst. Yep, thick, sizzling sausages sitting alongside tall glasses of every shade of ale you could imagine. This is North Bar’s Oktoberfest.
Trust those forward-thinking chaps at North to bring this great little slice of Bavaria to he heart of Leeds; a positive godsend for those of us who can’t afford to go to the real thing. In he name of research, i get stuck in.
Its strange reviewing a bar that i spend so much time in – and i was thinking about not doing it at all. But despite my obvious love for North, the only city bar I consider ‘my local’, i don’t want to ignore the seasonal festivals that they take great effort to put on -and Oktoberfest is a success, purely for that reason. These guys want it to happen; so it does. They do it because they know thier customers want it.
That’s enough of the gushing – onto the beers. First up I sample an Oktober brew by one of my favourite brewers, Paulaner. Its long, smooth and unbeleivably refreshing. Pale, but not too sharp. Of all the normal ‘Oktoberfest’ style brews, this is easily the easiest to drink. A little too easy, actually! Another hit for Paulaner. (Watch out for the Paulaner – heavy beer tent at the German Market around Christmas time!)
Next up, another old fave – Erdinger. Again, tempted by the promise of a seasonal brew from the Munich-based brewery. Again, a gorgeous amber wheat beer, very smooth, but with a much more pronounced kick (5.7) abv. Very drinkable, very good with the aforementioned Bratwurst.

The beer list is extensive – i can’t imagine many places serving Hofbrau or Spaten tonight. The staff pour and pour, smile and serve in a true German fashion. The place fills, and the lights fade. Another night begins at North, and the conversation, lilting in and out of the music, is invariably about Beer.

Oktoberfest @ North runs until the 7th October. For further info, see the North link.

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