Scallops with Peas and Bacon

015 (4)Scallops have many friends. Black Pudding (come on, you knew that was coming, right?), Mint, Pork, Spinach, Prawns, Red Peppers, Sage…the list is endless. I assume it’s because, like Prawns, they don’t have much of a flavour to them; it’s more the texture that appeals with Scallops – the subtle sweetness cosying up with most things that nestle up beside them.

They also have that ‘regal’ air about them; a certain high-end quality that never fails to impress people when they show up on your plate. Funny, because they are a cinch to cook and take no time at all. If you’re fed up of simply wrapping them in bacon, give this a try.

In a splash of Olive oil, gently fry some smoked Bacon lardons or sliced smoked streaky Bacon. Whilst this is happening, cook some peas in the normal way (boiling) until cooked, and leave to drain. When your bacon is done, pop your Scallops in next to them, and sear on both sides until cooked.

Whilst the scallops are searing, quickly (no more than a few minutes) blanch some Samphire (if you’ve not had it before, Samphire is like  like salty, briny runner beans, I guess, texturally) and when wilted, add to the pan. Take your scallops out to rest, and add the peas into the pan with a knob of butter. Coat in the butter, and then arrange on a plate with the Scallops on top.

Wild DuoFinish with a little chopped, fresh Mint and Parsley.

There you go. All done in 20 minutes, and a light, interesting supper that will have you reaching for the bottle opener. I’d go for something crisp and light with this; but with enough bitterness to but the salt and fat of the Samphire and Bacon. The Wild Beer Co’s beers are pretty widely available now, and not only suit in terms of flavour (as I find Wild’s beer quite strident, bitterness-wise) but there’s also something wild about the dish; don’t you agree? Opt for Epic Saison as a first choice; Fresh or Madness IPA would also suit.

(psst…Fancy some Pasta? Here’s an older recipe with Scallops.)


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  1. Looks delicious. Though not sure about the beer match… I find the Wild Beer Co beers you mentioned really full on and bloody bitter. Which might overpower the scallops.

    Though perhaps side by side they match better than they do on paper. Would like to try

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