Saltaire’s Stateside IPA

034Yet another cracker from Saltaire that launched to little fanfare, and yet deserves much more. When it comes to Saltaire’s bottles – compared to what they have on cask – it’s a limited offering. Blonde and Triple Chocoholic dominate the shelves; and so they should. Both are tasty and incredibly, incredibly popular  – especially round these parts.

But, as with the Hazelnut Porter and Cascade, Stateside IPA is a class act, and a beer I hope to see more of. Wearing the stars and stripes on its sleeve, it manages to remain resolutely trans-Atlantic and mix the best of UK and US IPA leanings. A not-shy 6% abv and amber in the glass, it’s all juicy Seville Marmalade on the nose, with an even deeper fruitiness on the sip – think Dundee cake and earthy spice. Mid – sip it switches round, getting thinner, crisper and with a pronounced bite that will satisfy the US IPA freaks out there.

It’s big, warming, smooth and sweet and, simply , a great beer. I’ve not tried it on cask (if it’s available on cask), but Stateside has quickly shot up there with New World Red and South Island Pale as must-drink Saltaire beers.

Ps: Despite only launching Gold on Keg a few months ago, it picked up a Gold at the recent International Brewing Awards. No mean feat, and entirely deserved. Well done, Saltaire, well done.


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  1. I got a little tired of some of the Saltaire stuff doing the rounds locally and beer fests which tended to be a lot of the same, this sounds great though and I’d welcome a bottle in my fridge

  2. Tried this at on draught, absolutly cracking stuff. A jooly nice pint.

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