What’s In A Name?

069Beer names and styles. Something that people always feel strongly about. I’m no brewer, but I’ve played that ‘If I Owned A Brewery‘ game (although now it’s ‘If I Owned A Deli/Grillhouse/Pie Shop with a Bar In It…’) and I must admit, finding the right tone for your beer name is tough. Do you go down the route of simple descriptor, such as here , or do you hit up a local meaning for your customers to latch onto such as here? Or perhaps puns are your forte? Either way, it’s a big deal; if people don’t like saying it at the bar, then they won’t choose your beer.

Years ago things were simpler with styles, too. Now we have Cascadian things, White Stouts, Black IPA, Wheat IPA’s…the list goes on. All of which makes me especially happy when a beer is called something that nails it – to a letter. Like Arrogant Bastard. Like Human Cannonball. Like Revival…like Axe Edge.

The beer that sparked all this rumination was one birthed from Brain’s ‘Craft Brewery‘ (I know, I know…but check out the website; the beers sound lovely, to be fair – and the site’s cute, too). I’d tried a few of them before now, with varying degrees of satisfaction. Destiny (5.8% abv), brewed initially with Marverine Cole of Beer Beauty infamy, is billed as a ‘Dark Tropical IPA’ , and comes in a suitably eye-popping vibrant-pink package. Eyebrows are suitably raised.

The beer is poured.

Firstly, the aroma arrives on the air with a flourish; a really well-blended mixture of mocha and earthy cereal grain, with citrus peel bubbling underneath. Think Terry’s Chocolate Orange and you’re there. The beer itself is all roasted malt and drinking chocolate sweetness up front, but as the sip disappears down your throat a veritable fruit-basket of Mango, Strawberry and more Citrus pops up, making the whole thing incredibly fruity and refreshing. Everything is in perfect proportion, and the entire package is light yet immensely satisfying. In short, it’s a bloody good beer.

In fact, after drinking it, I take another look at the name, label and descriptor. It’s entirely, entirely right . What a fun beer.


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  1. Best example of this i’d say i’ve seen and tasted recently is the Feral Brewing line up here in Perth. In particular the Watermelon Warhead. A 2.7% sour inspired by the warhead lollies of everyones youth (here that is – I was eating a 99 from Nicotine Tony’s Elland Ice Cream Van).

    ” down your throat a veritable fruit-basket ” … what does the basket taste like?

  2. Oh, love that name and label for a beer which Marverine was involved in making! 🙂

  3. that sounds better than the Barry Island IPA I had from them, for 6% it was way to thin, bland and not exactly the American IPA it was billed as.

  4. I had this on cask in the PO vaults, birmingham last year but no info available (handwritten pumpclip). Makes more sense now! I’d guessed at centennial hops, annoyed i didn’t spot motueka and galaxy, two of my favourites! Guess i need to try a bottle for comparison…

  5. I’m totally with you on beer names! Sometimes the name is just perfect. It’s really amazing how the variety of name styles can all work, too. There’s a brewery in Seattle that just calls them what they are (Pilsner, Blonde, etc), and it totally works because of the aesthetic of their cans. And then there are the more unique names (this one’s my favorite http://www.elysianbrewing.com/beer/tripel.html).

    Great post! (Also, you should totally open a Deli/Grillhouse/Pie Shop with a Bar In It!)

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