Tale of The Tapes – Revolutions c60

Revolutions are no stranger to being featured on TGS but given that the weather has taken a decidedly worse turn and we are  all(well, I am) looking on the bars and in cellars for something a little more warming, I’d thought I’d highlight a couple of their unsung heroes. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

A love song to a recording medium long gone, the C-60 Tape, both beers in the series are mostly bottled and a little stronger than usual fare at 6%abv. First up; Manifesto Strong Stout. Naming a beer after a Roxy Music album pretty much sells it to me before I’ve popped it open, but luckily the beer stands up; the nose is loaded with milk chocolate and creamy biscuit notes, with a hint of phenols lurking underneath. The body is full but smooth – as the name suggests  and decadent, silky with subtle roasted coffee-bean and more mild, sweet chocolate going on. The finish spikes with a little burnt-toast and sharp bitterness but fades quickly into something more earthy, hedgerow and leaves a lasting impression of Blackberries.

An altogether more subtle stout than you’d imagine, Manifesto is as classy and understated as a Phil Manzanera guitar solo. Occasional casks pop up from time to time, and it’s just won a SIBA Gold Award –  so don’t miss out if you see it around.

Identity (X-Ray Spex providing the inspiration this time) is Revolutions’ XSB  – a truly strong ESB with a lovely, lovely plum-shaded colour and more red fruits in the nose; cherry, almond, and more of the same sweet, creamy malt-biscuit as Manifesto. The beer itself is sweet with a robust finish of Brown Sugar and a dry finish with faint coffee notes coming in to pull your hand back towards the glass for another sip. Identity would be an excellent choice with roasted meats and pies, whilst wrapped in something warm.

Anyway, if you fancy ’em – both are available at BeerRitz right now. 

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