London Fields Love Not War

War Child

I love a beer with a story.

I initially picked this up because I’m a fan of all things ‘Red’; those extra malts in a grist just really appeal to my tastes, be in in a biscuity, comforting ESB or a bitter, sharp IPA. But, turn the bottle around, and you’ll find that this is a beer born of conflict.

London Fields’ Love Not War (4.2%) is a deep, angry red – and so it should be. IT was first brewed as the Hackney lads were barricaded in during the London Riots. I don’t blame them for not wanting to venture outside – as it looked like something from a Zombie Apocolypse -but I admire their balls for simply saying ‘Well, let’s get brewing, then…’

…And a lovely beer it is too – although my bottle was lacking a little in condition. The nose was really different; masses of sweet Almond, fresh strawberries and an incredibly fresh, black pepper hop-note. Sweet and smooth, the sip ended high and bitter, yet not dry; this is a juicy, juicy beer. As with a lot of ‘red’ beers, the sweetness is tempered by a gentle roastiness – a suggestion of maple or molasses.

All in all a comforting, tasty, and incredibly enjoyable beer. A softly-spoken, mild-mannered one at that, despite such a fractious birth.



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  1. Mmmmm gotta love those reds

    Have you tried Beavertown “8 Ball” Rye IPA? It’s an absolute corker & the brewery have some interesting connections too

  2. It’s a cracking beer. I had it on gravity at the Leyton Technical pop-up pub during the olympics, not that far from the brewery. I got ‘malty and vinous’ though.

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