Fried Chicken!

We all love Fried Chicken, right?!

I know I do. Here’s what I do to make it at home; it’s easy, tasty, and you can make loads of it for guests if you have your oven warmed up and ready to be used to hold them as they come out of the fryer. Obviously it’s all in the coating and, as usual when frying, the heat of the oil. I use a pan, but will be getting a deep fat fryer in the new year.

It’s all about the seasoned flour coating, really. I season plain flour with Garlic Salt, Black Pepper, Paprika and a little dried Oregano. This is my recipe, but you can really use whatever you like. I have a friend who substitutes Garlic salt for Lemon Salt.

Anyway, in terms of chicken you can use whatever you want. This time around I wanted pure dipping action so simply sliced breast meat into goujons. Legs, Breast, Wings, whatever you want, you do. Roll lightly in your seasoned flour, then  in beaten egg, then back into your flour. I find this double-dip method results in the coating sticking to the meat better, as you’d want.

Fry the goujons until golden, drain on paper and then pop in a hot oven for 5 minutes to drive off any residual oil. I do this with all of my deep-fried treats, and find that it results in a slightly crisper coating and  much less greasy fingers!

Serve with cold beer – of course – and I prefer Amber lagers or US Pales with my Fried Chicken; I think it needs the extra sweetness in the body. I find that too much hop aroma  just gets in the way of the food and just ends up clashing.

Keep it simple with the widely-available Meantime London Pale Ale (4.3%abv) is good; loads of toffee in the body, a grassy, fresh aroma and a sweet, smooth and restrained citric finish. It’s a sturdy, juicy Pale Ale at a good abv and great for food like this.



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  1. For the final coating after eggs try crushed corn flakes instead – very nice.

  2. Yum, can’t beat a bit of fried chicken as for the fryer keep an eye out on argos for the cookworks double one, i got one a few years ago for £20 its brilliant for everything from fish n chips to arancini to local teesside treat the Parmo (

  3. I want to eat this now. And drink that beer now too.

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