Gathering The Hops At Harewood House

It’s that time of year when hop merchants up and down our fair Isle are pulling those bines in, and breweries are getting to work on green and fresh-hopped beers for us all to enjoy. Seasonality is one of the unique things about Real Ale, and it’s times like this that breweries really prove this.

Of local interest, Ilkley have one in the pipeline (another collaboration with Melissa Cole, brewed yesterday as far as I can tell), but Wharfebank are letting you get behind the scenes at Harewood House, where they are getting their fresh hops from. They’ll be brewing Harewood Gold with them, and on the 22nd September you’ll be able to tour the Garden where the hops are grown, guided by head gardener Trevor Nicholson.

A tour of the brewery and meal follows and – of course – a beer tasting. You can get the full story here.

If there’s any other Yorkshire brewers doing Fresh Hop beers this month, drop me an email and let me know.

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