Sharp’s Want Your Beer And Food Recipes!

…Just a quick foody/beery plug for those guys at Sharps, who are running a national competition at the moment which may interest readers of The Good Stuff.

All the details are here, but in a nutshell, they simply want to see or hear your recipes that pair perfectly with their new range; Honey Spice Tripel, Quadrupel, and Single Brew Reserve. We tried them, courtesy of Stuart Howe, at this year’s EBBC and all are pretty damn tasty.

Anyway, the winner gets to cook their meal with Nathan Outlaw, Alyn Williams and Jack Stein after a cookoff at Rick Stein’s Padstow Seafood School.

So, if you fancy yourself a bit of a dab hand with beer and food, grab some of those Sharp’s beers and get cracking.


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  1. Now this sounds interesting…(cogs whirring)

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