Spanking The Pony : BrewDog’s Dead Pony Club

It’s amazing what can happen when you realise how much a part hyperbole, hype and marketing play in the world of Beer. You could argue its no different to any other industry; that sex sells, that headlines are there to be grabbed, and that you can cover anything up – or exploit it – with good PR.

Take Carlos Tevez, for example. A great footballer. One of the best in the world, if you ask me. Yet he spent more time on the back page last season for refusing to play for his club after a simple misunderstanding – and then going and playing golf whilst is teammates toiled at the business end of the season. The situation was handled poorly, by both the club and the player. Yet here I am, watching a lean, focussed Tevez running rings around Southampton on a sunday afternoon, talking about him in terms of a ‘new signing’. He’s a great footballer. We forgot that, last year. It’s a shame that football was not on his agenda  – or that of the media or the club – last season.

Obviously, you all know where this clumsy anoalogy is heading. I am, after all, talking about a beer from BrewDog. I’m not going to waste more space listing their battles with PR, the public, the numerous consumer groups up and down the country. What I am going to talk about instead is Dead Pony Club (3.8%), a wonderful, wonderful beer.

That’s it.

It’s easy to forget that these guys have a team that can brew the hell out of a beer when they want to – or not stuffing it into the carcass of a woodland creature, of course. Mid-amber, DPC is an exercise in refreshment; grapefruit and sweet mango in the nose, and a long, dry, almost G&T-esque finish. Yes, it’s light in body; a little more ooomph wouldn’t go amiss. No worries, it’s a lovely, moreish pale ale that has one of the best aromas for a sub- 4% beer that I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been enjoying it weekly now for about a month, and it’s been a while since I’ve said that about a BrewDog beer.

Having tried it on both Keg and Bottle now, I’m falling in love with it in the same way that my senses were taken when I tried fresh 5AM Saint for the first time. I want more, and I want it now.

My guard was down. I wasn’t expecting much, and it floored me. Strange that the most shocking thing BrewDog have done for me in the last 6 months…is simply brew a great beer. 


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  1. Don’t know if I could have tried this on Sunday in BrewDog Manchester (on my way to see said Tevez in an absolutely thrilling match), but felt the same as you about the Zeitgeist I did try. Not new I know, but a reminder about why I’ll willingly pay £4 a pint for their beers rather than £3 for almost anything else except Marble. Shame the “pub” itself is so dull.

  2. I wasn’t particularly impressed, I’d much rather have it cask conditioned

  3. Not tried this yet but hope to this weekend if I make it to Macc/Manc. Sounds an absolute peach & if it’s anywhere near 5AM Saint I’ll be happy. Love the Tevez comparison btw

  4. They’ve got bottles in Sainsbury’s. That’s where I chanced upon it and was also suitably impressed. Wonderful aroma, and real depth you don’t often get at this strength.

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