The Nicest Beer Ad in the World?

Here’s a nice advert I caught whilst over in Mallorca. It’s a rare beast: a beer ad that manages to involve Women without them being taken the piss out of, football, and strike a lovely balance between selling the product, but relating it to much warmer, wholesome themes than the usual toss we get when sport and beer are put together.

Would such a beer advert be made over here, where the common default for males is that of a ‘top geezer’, ‘lout’, or ‘lovable rogue’ ? In fact, the father doesn’t even touch the beer – he’s just enjoying the company of his daughters, the tournament and a full house again. The only thing that’s not that good is the choice of background music. Cringe.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ve got much more to say other than that it restored some faith in mass-produced lager advertising. Your thoughts?


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  1. Even without understanding a word it does have a certain feel good factor. Perhaps it’s down to the perception of beer lovers in Spain, like it or not here in the UK most mass produced lagers are aimed at the lout, binge drinker type as you say.

    • Phil, I think you’re right – in many ways, I am forgetting the cultural difference – which is what made it stand out for me, too. Truth is, much of the advertising over there was geared towards the Euro Championship, but in general a lot of the beer advertising had a male and a female enjoying the beer, rather than simply male. Much more inclusive. Despite spain being a wine country (without doubt), loads of women were drinking beer.

  2. Aw, that is nice. Message: beer is something to enjoy with your family.

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