Porter: I Know How I Like It

There’s something about Porter. The term alone evokes history; slightly odd to the uninitiated (What’s Porter?), individual, archaic, even. A time when beer names were not discussed they just were. Plain. Entire, even. What’s more, I know exactly how I like mine.

Firstly, there’s got be a ruby hue in there. There’s too many breweries around the world making light stouts – and making them too black – and calling it Porter. When done right, I want fruit, smoke and grain in the glass. Repeat after me: Porter is not Stout.

St Peter’s Old Style Porter (5.1%abv) knows what I like and delivers it. It pours wine-dark; that sexy slash of Ruby glinting within the deep brown beer. Push through that fleeting, tan head and there’s plenty going on; biscuit, almonds, blackcurrant, and  wisps of smoke floating around as if it’s been sat in a barrel for a while. Echoes of sourness back that feeling up, although I don’t think that’s the case. It’s briefly drying, but remains light and  – well, almost – refreshing.

St Peter’s Old Style Porter. A Porter that knows what I like.

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  1. Porter is Stout.

    But St Peter’s Old Style Porter? Phwoar.

  2. I love porter.

    and @TBN stout is porter to be picky 😉

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