Roosters Serlo De Burgh

Yep, you heard that right. Serlo. Not Chris. I’ve done that pun a lot since tasting this beer, and I can assure you it’s not as funny as you think it may be. It turns out Serlo De Burgh was actually a powerful baron, who built Knaresborough Castle (where Roosters are based – Knaresborough, not the castle…) and he’s has been chosen by the brothers Fozard to lend his moniker to their latest bottled event.

I say event, because when Roosters bottle, it generally is. Not only should you expect a great package – all heavy glass and photogenic label – but something a little different on the inside. Roosters on the bar normally means Pale Ale par excellence – bottled it means you’re very lucky indeed. Expect something a little more.

Serlo De Burgh weighs in at 6% abv and boasts a hop for every point. The beer pours amber and has a thick, sweet mouthfeel with rock-candy notes, underpinned by a lively spritz that provides a much-needed lift. It’s not heavy, but certainly not sprightly either. The nose is fruit-basket; Pear Drops, Pineapple, Mango and Strawberry; sticky-sweet rather than overly citrus, which makes a refreshing change. The bitterness that’s needed to make it moreish comes on late, fresh and green.

The end result is a lush, richly rounded beer that should satisfy the IPA-Idiot and Pale Ale Pariah in us all. You know it will be good – as reliable brewers can provide that reassurance – but it’s still a relief to find that it doesn’t disappoint. Roosters have recently undergone a re-branding, which you should start to see filtering across the UK. It certainly gets the thumbs-up from me, and you can check out the new look here.


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  1. I was lucky to get one of these and have it hibernating in my fridge. You describe a beer that I will enjoy and this makes me very happy. Long live Roosters limited run bottles and the secret tunnel connecting me to Beer Ritz.

  2. Saw this release and was sorely tempted to ask the good folks at Beerritz to put me a bottle up, trouble is my passing through Leeds is so rare it’s just not a fair ask.
    Glad you did though as it sounds fanbloodytastic, great review.

  3. Ditto for me…fancy sharing at #EBBC David?

  4. I bumped into a very enthusiastic Oliver Fozzard from Roosters on Thursday night at the Skipton Beer Festival. He was telling me about the new Roosters branding and several pints later standing in the Narrow Boat he was showing one of their new pump clips. I agree with you that the new brand plays really well. Roosters have always been a great brand and the future for me, I think is really bright.

    Cant wait to get hold of a couple of bottles when I am next down at Beer Ritz.

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