Meantime London Lager, Swordfish, Smile!

For a quick hit of summer sun, slice a Swordfish fillet (I know, not very ‘local’ of me) into thin, flat cubes, and sear on each side on the hottest griddle you can stand, just brushed with Olive oil.

Make a quick Aioli-style dip by crushing one clove of Garlic into some Mayonnaise, and then chopping a bunch of fresh, fragrant Dill into that. Sprinkle the fish with Salt, chop up a Lemon to squeeze and serve with a fridge-cold London Lager by Meantime.

Meantime can’t do much wrong in my eyes (Their Pacific Pale Ale was one memorable epiphany last year) and although the London Lager (4.5%abv) is straight-ahead, it’s pure, chilled joy. Poured into a stock-straight glass, it’s a little darker than you’d expect; but that just accounts for a yeasty, bready body that satisfies with a nose of Lime and ….well, a Floral note that I can’t quote describe.  When mixed with the Dill and the firm, salty-sweet fish, however, it all comes together in a way that makes you get another piece on your fork whilst still chewing the one you’ve got. And that gluttony, that pure, unbridled gluttony, is what it’s all about, no?


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  1. As a fan of all things Meantime and all things grilled and fishy this sounds ace. When bbq weather returns it may be on my agenda.

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