A Pint and A Bowl of Water For My Friend, Please…

There’s an old blogging maxim (that I’ve just made up) which states that if you’ve got a good idea for a blog post, 98% of the time it’s been written before  – and usually better. That was certainly the case this time – as I pondered a subject close to my heart: Dogs in Pubs.

Keith Wildman over at the excellent Sabotage Times posted this tribute to four-legged punters earlier in the year, and I’ve been forwarding it to like-minded mates for a few months now. I agree wholeheartedly, obviously. Dogs in Pubs make me feel warm and welcome – even before I was a dog owner. As Keith says, there’s nothing that gives a more comforting, homely feeling to a pub than a pooch wandering around, getting up to mischief, or spread out under a table following an afternoon’s amble.

For me, Pubs should aspire to be ‘the third place‘, and it follows that seeing as though Wilson (my dog) is a part of my home, I’d like him to be a part of my chosen drinking place too. One of the reasons we bought a dog, in fact, was to have a companion to walk with – and when I’m involved, weekend walks normally culminate in a pub visit.

Dogs in Pubs are (or at least should be) a vital stitch in the fabric of our Pub culture – suburban and country pubs, anyway. They break down social barriers, provide shared interest and amusement, and make connections with your fellow drinkers. All these factors contribute to that sought-after ‘third place’ feeling.

Of course, not everyone will agree. I’m aware of that. Some folk simply don’t want a dog within earshot or eyesight whilst enjoying a beer, in much the same way that I feel about children. Some pubs – the more food-orientated, perhaps – don’t or can’t  go there, either. Fine. I can’t take Wilson everywhere with me – but trust me, I’ll sit there wishing he was there.

Wilson enjoying a treat at The Town Street Tavern, Horsforth.

Reading Keith’s piece, it’s great to see so many pubs out there welcoming dogs with open arms and a fresh water bowl. Personally, I have an array of Market Town Tavern pubs to rely on, a pubco who have never let me down. The first time I visited The Grove in Huddersfield, the first thing I noticed wasn’t the fantastic bar – it was the bloke in the doorway holding his Border Terrier. The Rising Sun near Swinsty Reservoir is a regular little stop-off for us whilst walking; a sandwich and a pint of Theakston’s amongst the Bikers out for a weekend ride; always friendly, always laughing.

Where do you go with your dog? Anyone out there who deserves a special mention? If you’re planning a trip out and are unsure, there’s a fantastic  – and most importantly, up to date – resource over at Doggie Pubs.

So come on, pub owners – as warmer weather approaches, open your arms and welcome us all. Let’s get those pubs filled with the sound of glasses clinking, laughter and beer flowing – and get the dog treats stocked up.



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  1. I love to see dogs in pubs! People are too funny about hygiene too- you eat in front of your dog at home why not in the pub? It’s not like the dogs are going into the food prep areas!

  2. The horse n jockey in chorlton is renowned for providing a home for your mutt. By him a doggie beer as well if you can afford it!

  3. Well said that man, my local is dog friendly & love to take my four legged buddy Maggie out on quiet nights, she loves it too, in fact take her out the front door, give her free rein to go where she likes & I’ll put £50 on the fact shell walk you straight through the doors of the Bulls Head.

    More pubs should open their doors & be more pooch friendly though & I’m happy to support anything to raise awareness of the cause.

  4. I love pubs that welcome dogs, we always ask if we can take @ernietheborder in with us. Our local offers him a drink. Is Wilson a Border too?

  5. Hmm…just left a reply but I think it didn’t go through. Sorry if this is a duplicate! I love pubs that welcome dogs. We always check that @ernietheborder is welcome. Our local offers him a drink…which is nice. Is Wilson a Border Terrier too?

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