Chili Dogs!

Tupperware, the lifesaver of student and frugal eater both; the cradle from which the once-cooked becomes the twice-cooked and, for me, that only means twice as tasty.

So, a surplus of Chili – sat overnight getting more thickly intense and demonic – was ladled generously onto a hot dog (just canned dogs, supermarket subs -nothing major) and topped with sharp, strong Cheddar. Once you get through the rapidly-melting cheese, a molten layer of bean-filled Chili awaits, only to be trumped at the last minute by a huge bite of smoky-sweet Hot Dog. Paper to wipe your hands on is essential. The only thing missing was another dollop of fried onions… maybe next time. 

Feet up, footy on, and pour a smooth, creamy Buxton Kinder Stout (4.1%abv) ; sweet and heavy on the mocha, ploughing a furrow of chocolate and cream rather than the fruity, drying espresso. Gulped down in seconds, as quickly as the Chili-Dog disappears.  Sweet, spicy, roasty, toasty. That’s the motto of this meal.


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  1. Would it be wrong to have a hot dog for breakfast… That’s what I’m thinking now! And also thinking of Coney Island, and Nathan’s home of the hotdog, a freakshow museum and supposedly the worlds smallest brewery… All that from a description of a hit dog!

  2. Hot dogs rule! And now I’ll be thinking about this all day long!

    There’d be no point in me having a beer with this as I’d stuff my face with food too quickly. At least the beer would be ready and waiting for after I’ve eaten.

  3. Can I live at your house please….?

  4. Going against the grain I don’t really like hot dogs, I find them, well sort of crap..(hides under table)

    BUT, I’m sure I could try this with a good high meat content banger though 😉


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