Irish Invasion

This was a pleasant surprise in my inbox this morning; a note from Tim Barber of Metalman Brewing, letting us know about an Irish invasion that will be marauding through the North in March. As you can see here, the North East (and Huddersfield) will be awash with brews from Ireland – and giving us a taste of what’s going on over there. Not that you need much more reason to visit the likes of The Cluny or the various always-solid Head of Steam pubs.

Beers from Metalman, White Gypsy, Trouble, 8 Degrees and many others will be making up the 18 0r so different Cask Ales expected to be on offer in the venues over the weekend, with a main festival taking place in The Cluny. Plus, there will be other beers from the UK and live music – Huzzah!

The independent brewing scene in Ireland is still much of a mystery to me. Aside from reading Beer Nut’s (consistently excellent) blog, I have no real knowledge of what’s happening over there. Mr Foley’s had an excellent little festival in 2010, and the Wetherspoon’s Festivals sometimes have beers from the likes of Hilden’s in, but apart from that, it’s a country sorely underrepresented on the bars of England. Well, the North anyway – London may be different.

Why is this? Why is it easier to taste beer in the UK from New Zealand or Japan, but not a close neighbour? The Economy? Demand?

Anyway, maybe that’s another discussion for another time. In the meantime, keep your eye on The Head of Steam website for updates, and get yourself into the venues and see what, exactly, we are missing.


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  1. its transport costs across the irish sea partly, I’ve got Irish beers on my blog too as does Tale of Ale…John doesn’t have the monopoly 😉 We don’t even get most of those beers in the North, so its a treat for them to all be over at the same time.

  2. With the exception of Carlow and The Porterhouse, these are small breweries. Small breweries wherever they are tend to be busy enough meeting local demands and chasing their empties to be concerned with the logistics and red tape of running an export business as well.

  3. I’m in York next weekend and maybe passing through Leeds/Hudds/Manc as we make our way home on the Sunday, hopefully I’ll find some.

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