Sweet Treats & Beer, Brooklyn Invasion

Ok, a bit of shameless self-promotion is coming your way. As Zak explains on his blog, I’m collaborating with Beer-Ritz next month to try and get beer – through food  – out to an audience old and new. So, on February the 6th, I’ll be setting up stall in the shop, with a little array of baked goods and some samples of beers that you can enjoy with them.

The menu is always subject to change (if I have any kitchen disasters the day before, for example), but I plan on taking a Vanilla Cheesecake (which will be matched with a Stout, Porter or Dark Mild), Chocolate Brownies (which will be matched with fruit beers) and Banana and Toffee Muffins (which we are going to try with a Dunkel).

It’s free, informal, and if you’re curious about Beer and Food, then this is the opportunity for you to come to Leeds’s specialist beer shop (I hear Ghostie will be my trusty wingman, Iceman to my Maverick) and talk to staff about where to start. The point isn’t to show off my baking skills (Honestly!) but to try and expand the reach of Good Beer and Good Food beyond the beer-blogging fraternity. That, after all, is what we are about, no?

Hopefully, this will be the first on a series of nights where local food producers and Beer-Ritz can come together and share their expertise. Stay tuned for more details as the year rolls on.

People of Leeds – it’s all systems go in February. Revolutions Brewery will be taking over Foley’s on February the 10th, and our Milk Stout (Milk & Alcohol) has been brewed, fermented and is ready for your attention. I can assure you that Dean, myself and the lads from Revs slaved over a hot mash tun all day with only a bellyful of Pork Pies and 80’s New Wave Classics (Belouis Some, anyone?) blasting out of the brewery in order to bring you this delicious beer. Details are on the previous link above. Do come and join us, if Music and Beer is your thing. Love Music, Love Beer.


Finally, there’s a bit of an Invasion of the Brooklyn-Snatchers happening at North on February the 1st. Expect to see a myriad of Brooklyn’s finest on tap and in bottles; including rarities such as Blast, Winter, Monster, Pennant (my main ‘tick’ for the night) and another, mythical beer that, if you look closely enough on their poster, you’ll be able to try. Do pop down.


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  1. Sounds like a great idea and always good to see a bit of, for want of a better word, activisim. Wish we lived in Leeds.

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