Magic Rock Magic 8 Ball: A Purple Reign

Damn. They’ve done it again.

Ok, we all know what MR are capable of; but Magic 8 Ball (7%abv) is quite simply, a symphony. This little Purple monster lulls you into fanboy-with-rabies hand-claps at the sheer sight of the spangly label, but even this level of foreplay doesn’t quite prepare you for what hides within.

Close your eyes and inhale. Go on, sniff that beer. You’re looking at a tight, tan head  – cookie-crumb brown and filled with explosions of aroma. Peach, Mango, sweet, sugary Strawberry and Grapefruit are all hanging out in there, positively leaping out of the glass and up your nose. You can practically hear their screams as they ride that rollercoaster upwards into your Brain; a one – way white-knuckle ride.

Sipping the beer (because no matter how much you want to, don’t gulp it!), there’s only the slightest hint of fruit; it’s all about rasping coffee-notes; high, dry, freshly green and moreish. Pair the rich, juicy body with the aroma that out-pale-ales-some-pale-ales and you’ve got a winner.

Ok, I haven’t been entirely serious with my hyperbolic tasting notes. But I assure you, this is a serious beer; seriously good, seriously fruity and with serious taste. Balance in abundance; richly rewarding in terms of the malts involved and relative warmth of the abv; yet entirely refreshing and feather-light, too.  The Best Black IPA out there? Well, the sort of person I am would stop me from making such definitive statements about any beer (because if you reached perfection, then you’ve reached the end of the journey) but it’s up there, for sure. Seriously, seriously good.


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  1. Man, I am going to be all over this for my next big order, heard lots of good things about it.

  2. Wow, interesting. Magic Rock are holding a takeover at Edinburgh’s Stockbridge Tap next month, so I’ll definitely have to sample Magic 8 Ball. Fyne Ales’ Black IPA was seriously good, will have to compare…

  3. I am absolutely busting at the seams to try this. As you’ve said it looks great, MR reputations are fantastic as are all the reviews I’ve read. Only a self imposed beer ordering ban for January is stopping me…must..not…click…confirm…orde….

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