European Beer Blogger’s Conference 2011 – Welcome to Leeds!

As you may or may not know, next year’s EBBC is to be held in Leeds. Whether you want to be involved or not, this is great news for us Leodensians; it’s a statement of intent not only for Leeds, but for Yorkshire in general. I’ve been involved for a while now, and I think it’s a real coup. Trust me, there’s been some real hard graft done behind the scenes from brewers and bloggers up and down the country. Molson- Coors are again sponsoring, and a number of pubs and brewers in Leeds and further afield look set to join in over the weekend.

A quick look down my links list reveals a little glut of wonderful Leeds-and-Yorkshire based blogs (The Beer Prole, Eating Isn’t Cheating, Ghost Drinker, Hopzine, Broadford Brewer, Real Ale Reviews, Are You Tasting The Pith, New Briggate Beer Blog etc)  – and I see no reason not to celebrate that. I’m proud to be associated with such blogs. Due to not being in the country, I didn’t attend last years proceedings, but by all accounts it was a really unique event. So; if you’re interested, come along and get involved. The agenda’s not set yet, but check out the previous year’s reviews for a flavour of what to expect, and keep an eye on the website.

For those of you from elsewhere in the UK  – If you don’t know the Pubs, Bars of Leeds, then now’s your chance. If you’ve not tasted what we have to offer in terms of Breweries and Beers, then now’s your chance. If it’s not for you, then fine – no problem. If you’re coming – then I’ll see you there.



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Blog: I'm Leigh Linley; born and bred in Leeds, and writing about it since 2005. TGS exists solely to highlight the great beers that are out there; brewed with passion by Craft Brewers around the World. I also edit the 'Tavern Tales' section of Culture Vulture, which looks at Pubs and Pub Life rather than the beer in the glass.

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  1. Cant wait, been looking for an excuse to take a trip over to leeds again. May be before this but always helps to have a reason to go back again. Look foreward to meeting some fellow yorkshire bloggers/twitters!

  2. Registered and hotel booked mate, it’s a massive but well deserved coup indeed for Leeds and the area. I’ll be joining you for Thurdsays pre tour too
    YIPPEE !

  3. Nice work being involved. Let’s hear it for Leigh!! We gonna PARTAAY! WOOO 😀

  4. There are some cracking local food bloggers too who I hope will get involved. Looking forward to it already!

  5. I can’t wait already! I suggested Leeds because there’s so many good people doing good things there that it made sense to see where all the good stuff was happening!!

    I will absolutely see you there – we’ll be working on the content soon and will get details out there so we can get opinions on what everyone wants to see, do and hear!

  6. I’m booked up and looking forward to having a bit more time to meet people than on #Twissup (and others too!)

    Brewdog’s new bar may well be open by then too; so thats another potential visit for the Thurs eve.

  7. Whoop doesn’t clash with wedding so i’ll be there!

  8. Excellent news. Anyone who wants to enjoy some good beer in the UK is sure to be there.

  9. Chris & I are booked into the hotel where the conference is. I’m thinking of bringing at least a couple of special beers with me to share, anyone else fancy doing the same? We could do some group audio baron rating sessions

    • Baron – I’d say take a look at the agenda and see if you can fit it in – I wouldn’t want you lugging bottles around the pubs of Leeds!

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