Little Valley Python IPA

Python IPA is Little Valley’s latest bottle conditioned beer; and very tasty it is too. I’ve tried all of their range previously;  Hebden Wheat is a great beer (and fantastic with seafood). Python IPA (6%abv) is lovely too – and certainly their hoppiest beer to date.

Sweet and full-bodied, this Amber IPA has plenty of fruit on the nose, with a wet-straw like note underneath. You don’t get much of the hops in the nose, but the taste leaves you in no question as to what this beer is; it’s big, brash, malty and rich. The finish is suitably boozy, long and bitter in a orange-peel kind of way.

An interesting (as all of LV’s beers are) take on IPA, this is one beer definitely grabbing if you see it on the shelf. One final note – the condition of this beer was excellent; clear, brightly vibrant in colour and taste and with the perfect amount of carbonation lifting all that sweetness. LV have nailed bottle-conditioning, it seems – maybe they should share their secret with others out there.


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  1. I grabbed a bottle of this from booths in the lake district last week. mainly because i’d not heard of them and it really stood out on the shelves. was quite cheap for a strongish beer too.

  2. Yes its a lovely drink and available at the Booths in Ilkley.

    If memory serves they also do a very nice Ginger Pale Ale

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