Thwaites Old Dan and Tavern Porter

Although Old Dan’s been about for a while, Thwaites have followed this up with Tavern Porter – and both beers find themselves in the entirely right season as the air (finally) seems to get a little crisper, and those trees start to lose their canopy of leaves.

Bottle-conditioned Old Dan (7.4%abv) impressed me in the summer, and it does again now. The nip-sized bottle is perfect for the hefty abv, and the whole package is handled deftly; it pours a lovely gold-chestnut colour and the nose is dominated by treacle-toffee and caramel notes. There’s much the same in the body, but with a nice, lifting floral note at the end and a soft bitterness that puts it (just) on the right side of cloying. There’s a strong seam of Dundee-Cake flavours lurking, too; Marzipan and Raisin. It’s warming enough; kind of like a beginner’s Barley Wine – and I had a strong urge to pair it with some sweet Roast Pork, Black Pudding, Red Onion Jam – those sorts of hearty, Autumnal fare.

Tavern Porter (4.7abv) will make no enemies of fans of Dark Mild, Porters and Stouts. It’s pitch-black (I actually prefer my porters with a more Ruby hue) but has a rich, fruity body – Plum, Raisin and the requisite hint of smoke and malty-sweetness. It finishes long, and is surprisingly refreshing and smooth. If anything, it could do with more complexity in the body and finish; but there’s nothing wrong with a simple, roasty-toasty Porter at this time of year.

Between them, you’ve got two entirely pleasant, widely-available beers, certain to please the crowds over Bonfire Night.


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  1. I tried the Old Dan back in summer too and really enjoyed it….it seems they did their homework too and brewed it to 7.4% abv 😉
    I’m going to go get a few bottles of each for our bonfire party on Saturday, thanks for the heads-up on the Tavern Porter being available.

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