The Kernel: Super Alpha Pacific Jade IPA

I’ll be honest, I’ll drink most things that come from The Kernel. They could do a range of non-alcoholic, freshly pressed fruit juice blends with Beetroot,Cassava, Durian and Garlic and I’d run my own grandfather down to get at it. Therefore, I shouldn’t need a hook such as ‘Super Alpha’ to snare me in; but goddamn, it did.

Super Alpha. Hop heaven. Hops turned up to 11. Hop-zilla. Welcome to the Hop super-highway. I chilled the bottle down ever-so-slightly, waited salivating until the time was right, then poured into a large balloon, ready to get my threshold of hops redefined. A swirl, then…

Well. That’ll teach me to judge beers – and terms – before trying them. It turns out ‘Super Alpha’ doesn’t always mean ‘amped up’ , because SAPJIPA (Hardly rolls off the tongue, does it?)  is not only a wonderful beer – it is so because of the balance. It’s so understated, despite obviously being hopped to hell. It’s that lively, vibrant Orange hue that hints at the sweet, boiled-sweet body that Kernel do so well, topped with a short-lived rocky white head. The nose confounds; herbal, sweet, earthy with the expected Citrus only coming along late. On the sip, it’s super-smooth and moreish.

Don’t be turned off by the term if you’re not the biggest hop fan. This is one majestic beer, worthy of savouring and taking your time over.


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  1. This reminds me, I haven’t had any beers from The Kernel in ages, I must rectify this ludicrous failure of mine and I am deeply sorry for my sins…

  2. Super Alpha’s a hop variety from NZ

  3. Had one of those in the Euston Tap a couple of months ago – pure orange to me, like drinking alcoholic Fanta. Great beer…

  4. Hmmm, I’ve not really got any spare brass for beer buying at the moment damn it!

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