A Bounty of Bristolian Beers

It’s been years since I’ve had anything from Bristol Beer Factory. However, much like buses, three have showed up at Foley’s this week.

Milk Stout (4.5%) is a multi-award winner and is a welcome sight – Milk Stout’s not a style you see a great deal of. BBF’s version is super, super smooth, with a sweet, roasted malt nose. Upon tasting that smoothness is the first thing you get, and then the underlying creamy, lactic note you’d be looking for. It is very sweet – perhaps a little too much so for my tastes – but perfectly drinkable. A welcome change from the usual Stout gang.

Acer (3.8%) is a deep gold-hued pale ale; a solid backbone of biscuity malt and a huge, green-hop finish. It’s very clean, dry, and perfect for this little early-autumn sunshine we seem to be enjoying. Surprisingly assertive, it’s an interesting variant on the Pale Ale theme – IPA Fans could do worse than seek out this Pale; it’s anything but plain. And at 3.8%, anyone who thinks you can’t put flavour and vibrancy into lower-strength Pales needs to taste this.


Saison (4.8%), for me, is the pick of the bunch. The aroma is crazy – massively perfumed, tonnes and tonnes of Coriander, and  – I swear – Sandalwood ( I know, it’s all a bit Jilly Goolden but I don’t want to leave anything out!) . To be honest, the nose alone makes you wonder how it’s going to taste, but upon sipping you get all those flavours but really toned down and balanced out – thank god. It grew on me; it’s light, refreshing and different. Do try it while you can.


As it happens, I recently had a brush with Southville Hop. Whilst finishing up for the night at The Euston Tap a few weeks ago, I spied two bottles in the fridge, and nabbed them both. After a heavy couple of days on the Beer whilst enjoying GBBF, SH really refreshed a jaded palate – it is super-hoppy, but with such body and balance behind it that you forget the hops alone and appreciate the beer as a whole. Grapefruit and Lemon abound, and it’s a different kind of Hop Flavour to Acer’s green, almost herbal note. Although this was bottled, Southville Hop is currently residing in Foley’s cellar and will be on soon; so keep an eye out.


One final note – take a look at those pumpclips. Note the succint, easy-to-grasp tasting notes on the bottom there, ready to tell the uninformed drinker what to expect. No fuss, perfectly pitched. Credit where its due – Fantastic design work from Bristol Beer Factory.


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  1. yeah I really like their design aesthetic and on a shelf is a whole rainbow of colours, like mikkeller’s single hop series.

    You neglected to mention the fact that Acer is called that because it uses sorachi ace hops!

    I have a bottle of milk stout and ultimate stout in my parent’s garage to try when I’m next home.

  2. I had a mixed case from Bristol a while back, great value and some crackers in there too including the Milk Stout and Southville. There were some other really good stouts in the mix plus a black IPA brewed by a home brew comp winner called Indian Ink. The brew was his version of Kernel Black IPA interestingly. I did a quick blog about it: http://wp.me/p1mN8x-le

    Would love to try that Saison, sounds amazing.

    BBF have something planned called “12 Stouts of Christmas” one to look out for methinks?

  3. Top blog – I’ve set forth on BBF beers on twitter before, but I don’t think they do a bad one – Milk Stout and Southville Hop are my ‘IV drip beers’ and Ultimate Stout is great, the Belgian yeast really adds a certain extra something – Indian Ink’s lovely as well.

  4. Just looking at the bottles and pump clips of BBF makes me want to drink them immediately! The beers are really good too and a really varied and interesting range of brews. That saison sounds lovely. I’ve got an Indian Ink Black IPA (brilliant name) in the fridge which is a winning homebrew recipe – looking forward to trying that one.

  5. Would love to get hold of the saison. Trips to Bristol keep getting scuppered, though, for one reason or another (mostly the price of bloody train tickets).

  6. #perhaps they could post you one? Next weekend is the Factoberfest, which BBF will be running a beer bar at, craft market on saturday and food market on sunday; so may be worth trying to get along. Can you not get a megabus or nat express? http://bristolbeerfactory.blogspot.com/2011/08/factoberfest.html

  7. They’ve told me they’re on holiday in Spain!

    I stupidly booked my train on Sunday before the bar opens; so thinking I may have to go Sat too now they’ve released the beer list!

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