Chorizo, Scallop and Creamed Leek Tagliatelle with Little Valley’s Hebden’s Wheat

Here’s a super-tasty, impressive – looking dish that takes all of twenty minutes to cook and is a total blank canvas for food and beer pairing. This recipe serves two hungry Yorkshiremen.

Start by sweating down 1 large Leek, chopped finely, in a dollop of butter and a little olive oil. Smash and chop one large clove of Garlic, and add this when the Leek is soft. Don’t let the Leek and garlic burn – low and slow is how you want to be with this base.

Meanwhile, chop a hunk of Chorizo into small cubes. Add this to the pan once the Leek is soft, and turn up the heat slightly to leach out some of that gorgeous, orange oil from the Sausage. Keep stirring, and set aside. You’ll want to get your pasta on the go right about now.

In a separate pan, sear some Scallops for a couple of minutes on each side, sprinkle with Rock (or Maldon, if you have it) Salt, and when firm (but not too firm), take off the heat and leave to rest. Put your pan with the Chorizo and Leek back on the heat, add Double Cream and stir gently, seasoning with White Pepper, a touch of Nutmeg and a sprinkle of Paprika. You want the cream to coat the pasta – not overload it.

When the pasta is cooked, add to the sauce, mix, and serve with the Scallops on top. Enjoy.

The great thing about this dish is that everything is very mild, even the Chorizo. Cream, used sparingly, can be light instead of rich, and using Leek instead of Onion gives a much greener bite than Onion, which can be bitter. As a result, you could go with light Pale ales, Wits, Weizen, Pilsners or Lagers to match with. As it happened, I chose Little Valley’s Hebden’s Wheat (4.5%) to drink; Lemony, spritzy and fresh, with a slightly herbal, sweet finish makes this more of a Wit or Blanche than a Wheat in my opinion, but everything is done very subtly; like the food. It doesn’t overpower affairs; just cleanses the palate and lifts the Scallops.

I’ve said before that Little Valley are an interesting brewery; Yorkshire by way of The Netherlands, Head Brewer Win Van Der Spek and his wife Sue create interesting, slightly wild and 100% organic ¬†versions of established styles. You never quite know what you’re going to get from LV and I really like that. They must be one of the most unique Yorkshire Brewers out there, but maintain a low profile. Anyway, check them out if you aren’t familiar with their Beers.

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    Sounds and sounds delicious. That’s exactly the sort of beer I’d have gone for, too. I haven’t seen or heard of Little Valley. It’s another on the list of breweries to try.

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