Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale

…Or, quite possibly the most surprising beer I’ve had in a long time. No stranger to Buckwheat Noodles (try them cold with sweet Soy sauce – delicious), I’ve never had a beer brewed with it. Technically I still haven’t – Soba noodles are just Buckwheat noodles, so this – in essence –  is a Buckwheat Ale.

Semantics aside, there’s a lot of flavour packed into this beer – especially when you consider the 4.8% abv. There’s creamy, milk-biscuit notes on the nose, with no real hop character at all; only a slight herbal tinge. Not entirely unexpected, given that the grain is the star here. Mid-Amber in colour, it looks the part, resplendent with a tight, tan head.

Then I take a sip – wow. It tastes – in my opinion, anyway – of Coconut Cream. You know those little Coconut Macaroon sweets you get in sweet shops when you were a kid? Imagine a beer with that in it. Sweet and creamy with a slightly toasted, nutty edge. The finish is even more perplexing, finishing things off with a Tangerine note that just cleans things up a little.

I guess I’m not used to Rogue being subtle; but despite all these flavours, this is actually a really drinkable, balanced beer. It could have been cloying, it could have been overpowering, but instead you get a rich mix of flavours, all singing from the same hymn-sheet. Now, will someone out there make a Soba/Buckwheat Stout, please?

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  1. I’m not used to Rouge being subtle either. I tried one of their Morimoto ales the first time they came into the shop and I was rather disappointed. (I think it was a Morimoto variety…. it had the same label, it was just dark red) I didn’t really understand why they would make such a (essentially) boring light brown ale, when they have so many beautiful beers in their books. This one sounds more interesting, though I’m guessing it was quite expensive… would it be worth a second pop??

    • Ghostie – I know what you mean. By Rogue’s standards, this was a very ‘brown’ beer, with none of that over-handed agression that Rogue often have. I was taken aback by the flavour, and how well it was handled in this case!

  2. Try the Rogue Morimoto Black Obi Soba Ale, although it’s really just a dark version of the standard Morimoto Soba Ale.

  3. The sheer immenseness of beer varieties, styles and future possibilities never ceases to amaze me. Ordinary people get stuck in a rut, drinking the same old wine grape varietals or even beers.

    Their only hope lies with folks like yourselves, (me too), our duty is to explore and educate!

    Are you with me brothers??

  4. Phil – of course!

    Bob – thanks – I’ll try and check that out!

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