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Ok, so just a quick note to highlight some excellent beer currently awaiting you at North. Logistical problems meant that the proposed London beer festival didn’t quite happen, but rest assured, there are loads of gems lurking in North’s cellar. Currently, Redemption’s Big Chief (5.5%) is gracing the bar, and what a beer it is. An IPA in the modern sense, it’s full and fruity, with tonnes of Mango, Pineapple and Lychee on the nose. There’s a touch of drying biscuit-maltiness in the body, but the finish is massively drying and risingly bitter. A lush, drinkable-despite-the-strength IPA, I’d make sure I don’t miss this if I were you.

North have got a cellar full of Brodie’s beers, Pretty Things’ Jack D’or on Keg, and a Flying Dog single-hopped gem in Cask waiting for you too. And finally – but by no means least – Zak Avery’s collaboration brew with Great Heck – a Brown Ale – will be popping up shortly too. So keep an eye out.

One last thing – If you’re planning to visit Ilkley Brewery tomorrow night for their excellent Beer Society, it’ll be starting at the earlier time of 17.30 – simply because many of you were showing up then anyway! Yay! Enjoy your weekend, whatever you’re drinking.



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  1. I wonder how high they can jack the prices this time? Whatever it is in central London, where the rent must be very cheap, and add a quid for a small bottle, three quid to a small bottle and 25% to cask and keg, perhaps?

  2. broadfordbrewer

    Must find a way to get to North tomorrow..
    Great update cheers!

  3. I wish I was in London to participate to this initiative! Meanwhile, I am having a glass of Sauvignon from Alto Adige, Italy!

  4. I think Zak’s collab brew is a brown bitter rather than a brown ale. ‘Hextraordinary Brown Bitter’ if I remember rightly, although it might be just ‘beer’ rather than bitter on the end, I’m not sure.

  5. I got to try Big Chief last weekend on a pub crawl around London where we spent the majority of the time in the excellent Southampton Arms. Although they had 10 handpulls I had to have two goes at sampling this one – such a lovely IPA 😀

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