Revolutions Finally Settle Down

Revolutions Brewing Company have finally commenced brewing at their permanent brewery. With the fit-out and installation of brewing equipment in an industrial unit on the outskirts of Castleford now complete, the first brew, Clash London Porter (4.5%) is about to be shipped to customers throughout Yorkshire and further afield.

They’ve been brewing occasionally as a cuckoo brewer throughout the latter part of 2010. Production of four other core beers – Ravenscroft Pale Ale (3.3%), Severin Dark (3.3%), Devolution Amber Ale (4.5%) and Kraftwerk Braun Ale (4.5%) is planned for July and August. In addition regular music-themed special beers will be available, and the music fans amongst you will recognise that the abv’s reflect Vinyl running speeds. Revolutions have built up a steady little fanbase with their tasty dark beers, and it’s great news that they’ve finally kicked their permanent home into gear; I know that they’ve been tweaking and refining recipes, as well as dealing with the nightmare that is setting up a new brewhouse. If you don’t know much about them, you can check out my 2010 interview here.

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Speaking of tasty dark beers, Thornbridge’s Evenlode is now on at Mr Foley’s (well, it was last night) and I must say ; it’s got one of the best coffee aromas that I’ve ever sampled on a beer Billed as a Brown Porter, the nose is rich, fresh and with slightly creamy/milk chocolate undertone –  it literally smells like a fresh, steaming espresso. Despite this, it’s a light, flavourful beer. Do give it a try – but leave some for me, yeah?


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  1. I really like Revolutions’ angle with the branding. I can see this finding a niche in slightly classier music-focused venues.

    • Bailey, I can see where you’re coming from. Hopefully the next time you’re up north you’ll be able to sample their wares. The Kraftwerk Braun is a great, easy drinking brown ale.

  2. Kenny the Beer Monkey and myself stumbled across Revolutions on the twissup, at the Waggon and Horses – it’s a great idea for a brewery, as Bailey says. It was the Kraftwerk that we had then too, I’d be keen to try more of their stuff, to see if they are more than a one-hit woner (ahem).

    Evenlode is fantastic, they are really on form at the moment down there in Derbyshire

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