Cheese on Toast – Meet Bengal Lancer

There’s a definite correlation in cooking (and maybe brewing), that the more time and effort you put into something, the worse it’s gonna taste. I’m sure we all have had storecupboard meals, thrown together at the last minute, that blow the socks off that 5-hour slow-roasted Leg of Lamb you did at the weekend. I’m talking about dried pastas with pesto stirred in; cobbled-together Risottos and Pilafs made with leftovers; hunks of leftover sunday roast with lashings of mustard and good bread.

Or, in this case, Cheese on Toast. That Ever-So-British staple. More specifically, strong Cheddar – nothing fancy, just ‘fridgecheese’ that was cheap at the Supermarket. I know, it’s bad…but these are just fridge staples. Slices of Bloomer, slightly on its way out, and a hot, hot grill.

To hand; a bottle of Fuller’s Bengal Lancer; one of the most underrated beers out there, if you ask me. Prickly, packed full of Marmalade-Citrus flavours on top of a firm, digestive-biscuit base, and stubbornly bitter. A perfect rowdy partner to the sharp cheese; sending the whole thing into a fruity, lip-smacking supper. Bengal Lancer loves the sharper spectrum of flavour; I once made the mistake of opening a large packet of Tyrell’s Sea Salt and Cyder Vinegar crisps once to accompany a pint of it –  I almost at the whole damn packet. Awesome.

Happy Accidents. Gotta love ’em. 


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  1. Great post!! This is why cheeses pair well with marmalade in those great tasting italian crostinis!! Therefore this Marmalade-Citrus flavored beer is excellent companion to cheese on toast!!!

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