St Austell Trelawny

I was looking forward to trying Trelawny, not least because it represented another new beer for St Austell, but as it sounded interesting. This may come across as a silly statement to make, but as we’ve spoken about before, newer beers from established breweries who aren’t known for doing new beers evokes excitement in me just the same as a new brewery would.

Brewed using Golding and Galaxy Hops, Trelawny (3.8%abv) is a pretty decent, what-you-see-is-what-you-get summery session beer. It’s light – maybe a little too light in the body – but has a clean, fresh profile; a sort of mish-mash of sweet toffee cut with a fruity edge. It’s not particularly citrussy per se, but there’s a grassy, floral edge that just blunts the sweetness of the malt profile and leave the finish clean.

A tasty, light fridge-filler for the start of the new football season? Yes, I think so. Simple beer, brewed well.

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  1. I am making myself a beer culture just by reading your posts! With what kind of dich would you pair this beer?

  2. Ambrosiana – thanks! Glad I could be of help! It’s a light, crisp beer, So I would say Frutti De Mare, Fried Fish or Barbecue Chicken would be good!

  3. Oh my lord!!! can I eat it with fish and chips???…

  4. I’ve just done a draft post on this too, got to say it was awesome with fish and chips and also bbq spicy chicken….

  5. thanks for highlighting this. on a UK real ale kick again lately given my trip home and just found this totally be chance, believe it or not, at a local polish-run beer emporium in Brooklyn. have no idea if it travels well, but at least it’s summery enough for the 32C we’ve got here today!

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