Burger Week on TGS – Surf N’ Turf Burger

Surf n’ Turf is awesome on a burger. The sweet Prawns compliment your beef surprisingly well, especially if you go heavy on the Garlic. The relish just needs a little advanced making, but it’s worth it.

So; to make the relish, take one small tin of Chopped Tomatoes, and simmer in a pan with a little olive oil. To this, add a splash of Balsamic Vinegar, a pinch of Sugar, some chopped, marinated Peppers, a pinch of Salt, and some Chili – I use a couple of drops of Tabasco, but you could chop a chopped chili into it, or add chili flakes. Basically, there needs to be heat there. ¬†Finally, add a dollop of Tomato Puree.Leave this to simmer gently for around 30 minutes; it’s needs to really thicken up.

Hardcore Prawn

Whilst this is simmering, cook your burgers as previously discussed, and while your burgers are cooking, saute a handful of Prawns in a dollop of butter, Sea Salt, Parsley and two chopped Garlic Cloves.

You can then assemble your burger; smearing the Relish on one side of the bun, and pouring your Prawns (and all thier Garlic Butter) over the burger. This is a messy burger, for sure; in fact, you might even want to do the dreaded knife-and-fork option!

Beer-Wise, you’re looking at something refreshing and zingy to cut the richness of the Prawns, Butter and Beef. Fyne Ales’ wonderful Avalanche (4.5%) is an excellent bet; super-pale, takes to chilling without losing flavour, and as refreshing as they come; light, masses of Lemon and Lime in the nose, and a clean finish. A wonderfully versatile beer, especially in warmer weather.

If you can’t get Avalanche, you’d be looking at spritzy, citrussy session beers; Magic Rock’s Curious, Worthington’s White Shield, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Badger’s Hopping Hare and Thwaite’s Lightfoot would be decent, widely-available alternatives.


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  1. WOW!! I never thought of a surf and turf burger!!! Looks awesome!!! Love the relish addition!!

  2. “Hardcore prawn”
    Love it!

  3. Your burger week is doing nothing at all for my diet, Leigh. All I can think about is beef, cheese and beer.

  4. Another great update about the awesome-ness of burgers. Kudos on the burger love. We do love the idea of surf & turf, might have to make that a special when we’re up and running!

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