>Copper Dragon Conqueror

I’d been hearing incredibly positive whispers about Copper Dragon’snew beer for a few weeks now, so when it popped up on the bar at Veritas, I had to get my hands on some.

Conqueror (3.6%), on the surface, looks like your bog-standard pale ale; tight white head and soft amber colour, vaguely medieval pump clip*. But when you lift it to your lips, you realise it’s a whole lot more. Mango, Lychee and even a hint of Strawberry float up your nose, and on the taste, Conqueror reveals itself to be a wonderfully balanced, supremely quaffable Pale Ale, with a seriously clean finish. There’s so much flavour for such a low abv, and the it’s simply a top-notch beer.
We all know that Oliver Fozard will soon be (if not already) ensconced in his new role at Rooster’s; his parting gift to Copper Dragon turns out to be their finest yet. I’m one person hoping Conqueror hangs around untouched and untCheck Spellingweaked; and I’m sure after you drink it, you will too. It’s on at Veritas now.
*And yes, I know it’s William the Conqueror. But you get my point.

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  1. >That's a coincidence, I tried it for the first time yesterday (Crown, Stockport) and like you I found it a wonderfully flavoursome and quaffable beer. In a way it sums up what we do so well with beer in this country, I think.

  2. >I tried this at the Skipton Beer Festival the other week, in the company of the brewer (Oliver Fozard). Wonderfully flavoured beer. I love the way the grapefruit bitterness lasts on the palate. Its not one of those beers you buy and cant remember whether you had a sip or notWell done Oliver! Looking forward to the new Roosters.

  3. >John/Rob – it reminded me a little of Buxton's Moor Top and Camden Pale – massive aroma, bags of flavour, yet totally balanced and drinkable, refreshing the palate rather than ruining it.

  4. >I was talking about Camden Pale with Col from Marble the other day – we've both tried it (on keg) and agreed it was really dull and uninteresting. But on the other hand you clearly rate it and Pete Brown included it in his Top 50 in the Morning Advertiser. Do you think it's varied from brew to brew, as I'm surprised at these differing opinions (especially as the way you describe it makes it sound like a beer I would really like)Totally agree about the Buxton, mind you.

  5. >Morning John. Re; Camden- I'd say a couple of things. Firstly , I have only had Camden Pale three times as it's nit easy to get up here. So the 'exotic' nature of it may inform part of my enjoyment. Secondly, taste is taste! I'd be surprised if everyone rated it; that would be too simple! I've enjoyed it in the past, yes. It is simple; but it's that aspect that I actually rate. I'm sure quality could vary, as with all beers.

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