>Thwaites Indus IPA

> Thwaites continue on their journey with new beers and styles with Indus IPA(4.6%abv). Named after a ship that very well may have journeyed eastwards whilst Daniel Thwaites was alive, Indus may not satisfy fans of US-Style Hop-Bomb IPA’s, but there’s plenty to recommend.

Brassy Amber in colour, it’s a vibrant, well-conditioned bottle. The nose, as you’d expect, is Citrus-led but with Orange or Tangerine being the dominant note. That softness continues into the sip; a well-rounded toffee sweetness that is stopped from being slightly too sweet by another bitter Orange/Lemon sharpness hit at the end; a full, sweet finish rather than drying.
Thwaites’ beers are usually well-made and solid; Indus IPA is another beer that hits that mark, and is definitely worth a look.
Apologies for the stock picture. Strangely – and it’s something I have never done before – I deleted the original picture before use. Must be getting old.

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  1. >I was quite impressed with this – to my palate it seemed rather drier and more bitter than your description suggests. One of the few genuinely hoppy beers to be found amongst the usual ranks of the PBAs.

  2. >you beat me to it! was writing a review of it earlier lolive bought and supped about 20 bottles now…its become my fridge beer of the moment.

  3. >andy mate – sorry! I'll keep an eye out for your review!Curmudg – I really enojyed it's relative fruitiness, didnt get dryness much!

  4. >Andy — I know exactly what you mean by your "fridge beer" — the one which, when push comes to shove, you actually want to drink after a tough day at work.I don't think I've ever had a Thwaites beer that's really grabbed my attention but I'll look out for this.

  5. >Bailey – totally. I'm currently drinking gallons of Theakston's Lightfoot in the same capacity.

  6. >Not really a big fan of Thwaites, but this is coming to a pump near me soon, so will give it a try.

  7. >Tyson – yes, do – and let me know your thoughts.

  8. Is this available in Karachi ?

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