>Skipton Beer Festival and Kirkstall Brewery

The weekend of the 19th of May sees the Skipton Beer Festival, one of my favourites. Why? Well, it’s small, but perfectly formed; and when you’re done tasting and ticking (if that’s your thing), you can grab a pork pie or 4 and head down to The Narrow Boat, my favourite Market Town Tavern. The Beer list is here, and I’ll take a moment to point out what I’d be looking for (assuming you’re interested, which you must be, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading, right?). Durham’s Magic IPA is one of my beers of the year, so that’s on the list. As is Dark Horse’s Hetton Pale; a fantastically balanced-yet-rich pale ale. Five Towns are also always worth a looky.

But the main Brewery I’ll point out is Kirkstall Brewery, Dave Sanders’ (Elland) new venture. I paid a flying visit to the brewery this week, and Dave has high hopes for Kirkstall. Their Porter is one to try – wonderfully balanced, swirling with milk chocolate and drying coffee, and stupidly drinkable. Kirkstall’s beers are filtering through this week, and Foley’s and North will be serving them this week at some point.


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  1. >Hi Leigh,I am really looking forward to this event too. There is a buzz of expectation around the Dave Sanders beers. I was out with with Stewart from Ilkley Brewery last night and he was saying the Kirkstall beers are exceptionally tasty.Note the free entry for non-CAMRA members on Thursday night

  2. >Feedback from Skipton.The Dave Sanders was well worth waiting for – lots of delicate hoppy flavours in the pale and a really delicious porter .Star of the evening for me was a new beer from Copper Dragon called Conqueror. Three hop varieties give a long lasting grapefruit taste at the end. A really flavourful pint and at 3.6% ABV a great session ale. Great to meet Oliver Fozzard too – who has now left Copper Dragon in Skipton and is soon to be with Roosters in Knaresborough. Conqueror was invented by Oliver and if this is the shape of things to come at Roosters we have a lot to look forward to.

  3. >Thanks for that feedback, Rob. You're the second person to recommend Conqueror, so I must keep an eye out for it. I've tasted beers from Ol before – his homebrews are fantastic so I agree that not only will Rooster's be in great hands but has a fantastic future, too. I reall enjoyed the Kirkstall Porter. Delicious.

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