>Black Sheep’s Porter; Copper Dragon’s Three Kings and Stouty Ham Besides…


I’ve been watching the progress of Black Sheep’s Wooly Jumper Porter (4.0abv) for a good month or so now; simply due to the fact that they don’t brew seasonals, specials, or one-offs all that often. Thanks to the wonder of Twitter I found out that Veritas in Leeds has snagged some, so I trudged through the snow on Tuesday to sample it. I’m glad I did. It’s a great beer; although I must admit, I didn’t really know what to expect. However, I’m pleased to report that Black Sheep have done a really good job. When held up to the light there’s a lovely red hue coming through the black, as all good porters should have (if you ask me).

Through the tan collar there’s not a great deal going on in the nose apart from some lovely woody smokiness; which sort of sets you up for a sweet beer – but it’s not. There’s a little almond-biscuityness in there, the aforementioned hint of woodsmoke, and a nice, dry bite at the end. Kudos to Veritas, too – the pint was in tip-top condition too – very clean, very moreish. All in all, it’s a really good beer, and one that I hope Black Sheep sell enough of to make it a regular; I think it would be a valuable new addition to their tried and tested, familiar range. Give it a try if you see it about.

Another of the ‘bigger’ Yorkshire brewers who are adding a new seasonal offering to their range is Copper Dragon, who have rolled out Three Kings Ale across Yorkshire this week. I’ve not tried it yet, but I hear it’s inspired by German Altbier and Red Ales rather than the usual ‘Christmas Pudding in a Glass’ efforts. It sounds good and certainly worth a try, so if anyone hears of any being spotted around my manor, give me a shout. Finally, staying in Yorkshire, I’ve been told Lishman’s Butchers of Ilkley have cured one of their Christmas Hams in Ilkley’s Stout this year – so if you’re up that way (visiting Booth’s, perhaps?), then drop in and see if they’ve got any left.

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  1. >Woolly Jumper sounds great, I hope I can find it in London.

  2. >…whilst you're visiting Mr Lishman, you could do worse than pick up a pound of his tremendous pork and black pudding sausages. A finer sausage you won't find in Yorkshire, and I'd bet my house that they'll go perfectly with that Black Sheep porter.

  3. >Rich – absolutley spot on – pork and black pudding sausage? Awesome. I'm there.

  4. >Well done to Black Sheep. About time they had a beer that was worthy of their name. Your description makes it sound absolutely delicious (which I am sure it is).Good on Black Sheep for trying something new and keeping up with the micro-brewery revolution.Can wait to try it this winter.

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