>Bateman’s Rosey Nosey – Holidays Are Comin’

Well, that’s it. Christmas is on the way. I’ve seen the new Coke advert, I’ve started thinking about my forthcoming ‘Beers of the Year’ post, the diary is full of yawn-tastic ‘work’ Christmas parties (half of which I zero intention of attending), and my corner shop is selling Rosey Nosey.

That’s right. Corner Shop. I only ever buy milk and papers from there – but this time of year, without fail, Bateman’s Rosey Nosey (4.9%) hits the shelf alongside the obligatory Spitfires, Old Speckled Hen and Golden Sheep. It brings a smile to my face and a warm glow to…well, my nose, I guess. I love the stuff. I probably fund the family’s summer holidays each year with my Rosey Nosey spends.

Non-esoteric it may be. Uncool, even, it may be. For godsakes – is it even a ‘novelty beer?’ – many Christmas beers seem to be, so half-hearted they are. But RN is different – a just great beer, full-stop. Sultanas, Plum and Raisin dominate the palate along with an underlying nuttiness, warming alcohol and a dry, bitter finish. The first time I tasted it, many moons ago, I remarked that I thought it tasted like Bonfire Toffee – and I still stand by that today. The fact that it does all this and remains not-to-sweet is testament to the balance of the beer. It’s a cockle-warming, deep – red Christmassy hug of a beer and I will be drinking about 50 more of them by the new year. The label pithily recommends pairing it with Turkey, but I’d put it alongside any roast meat, sharp cheeses and – of course – Christmas Pudding. Anyone else out there rate it?


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  1. >Yeah, love this beer, got a few bottles too from the offie opposite the Library Pub, on Woodhouse Ln.Also they had it on draught at my local last year, with flashing red nose pump clip! I think I drank most of almost a cask's worth in the days between Christmas eve and New Years… Hope they get it again.

  2. >Yeah it rocks. Not had any since last year tho.

  3. >I baron rated this last year and thought that it was ok, bought it again this time to be part of my Xmas Ales audio baron rating session that we are doing at the beginning of December.Will let you know how it does in the xmas ales taste-off…

  4. >I wasn't as keen as you obviously are!, it was okay, you know its a Batemans beer it has that familiar aroma most their beers have.How much are you paying at your corner shop? its £1.39 in Aldi currently.

  5. >Yep: like it. But I don't think I've ever had a poor Bateman's beer.

  6. >Totally agree, though I prefer the draught. Always glad to see the pump clip with Santa's flashing nose.

  7. >hah – glad it's not just me! Arn – I'm currently shelling out £1.60! I need to get to Aldi to satisfy my RN jones…!

  8. >I love it too – and when it's on draught in Whitelocks or The Victoria, I particularly like the red LED nose on Santa! Design genius…

  9. >Currently selling this in my local Morrisons (5 Lane Ends) for £1.25, cheaper than Aldi!

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