>Williams Bros Joker IPA – A Seriously Good Beer


…And it is. I’ve always had a soft spot for Williams Bros’s beers – from my first taste of Red to personal favourite 7 Giraffes. Well, personal favourite until Joker came along.

What a beer. Despite IPA’s popularity these days, I still count it as a tricky style to get right. Many IPA’s simply don’t live up to promise, and as a style, there are fans on both sides of the spectrum. Some people want massive hopping for a real puckering bitterness. Some favour aroma over that, and some (and I have to say I’m firmly in this camp) want a little of everything – balance, I guess. It doesn’t have to be a hop bomb to be a good IPA.

Joker (5%abv) hits the mark – Gold in colour, a creamy, slightly biscuity body, and that wonderful, pithy juicyness running throughout. There’s lemon, lime, grapefruit and pine on the nose, and there’s enough carbonation to ensure a lively, prickly sip. Eye-opening, refreshing, bitter and sweet with a wonderful aroma, this is almost my perfect IPA. Wonderful.

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  1. >Sounds bloody lovely! Those brothers sure know how to make beer.

  2. >Had this a couple of times, apparently on cask (can never be entirely sure over here) and was simply gorgeous.

  3. >Agreed Joker IPA get a [baron rating 5/5] – I really enjoyed it for NOT being a complete hop monster.Williams Bros are a great brewery.

  4. >This sounds superb. Does it come in casks?

  5. >Will, see the above answer! They do pop up occasionally. Baron – I loved it due to the restraint on hops, strangely! Don't get me wrong, it's hoppy – but masterfully balanced. Mark- get some bought, you'll love it!

  6. >We sell Joker, and i've just revisited it recently. It's a great beer, and to be honest all the beers will bros produce are. I'm particularly fond of there alba, grozet and fraoch.

  7. >I always sample WB beers when I visit the in-laws in Scotland. Have you tried Rooster it's awesome?

  8. >Terry – no, I have'nt, but I'll be making a point to try as many as possible WB Beers from now on!!

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