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Going to BrewDog to brew a beer for your stag do is a pretty cool thing; for most mere mortals, it’s just a pipedream, but Matt Gorecki (of North fame) managed to land such a day for his own celebration. The result? Alice Porter, which I managed to sample on Monday.

The idea could have gone so terribly, terribly wrong; but full credit to Matt, James and Martin for creating an undeniably lovely beer. At 6.2%, Alice Porter is no slouch – but you wouldn’t guess the abv from the taste alone. Pitch black with a tan head, the beer is massively smooth, with a cream-vanilla note riding through it.

It’s got a really well-rounded fruitiness (courtesy of the Brambling Cross hops – a much underrated hop in my opinion) to finish things off, and the aroma is sweet, with just a touch of smoke and wood. A really, really drinkable porter, and if there’s any left at North now, I’ll be surprised. Jump here to read Matt’s account of the day – and what HopZine Rob thought of the beer here.

North had another treat for me on Monday – 5Am Saint on Keg. Since trying Saint a few months back, it’s firmly leapfrogged up the list to (at the moment) my favourite BD beer. It’s the nose – the tropical-fruit, lychee-led nose that lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts…whenever I crack one of these open at home I spend as much time with my nose in the glass as I do pouring the stuff down my throat. Once you get past the aroma, there’s a well-balanced Amber ale there; a slight hint of smoke again, and plenty of chewy toffee, but not too sweet. Things finish off with a wonderful, rising, sappy bitterness. Awesome beer – one of the best of the year for me.

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  1. >Rob's post earlier inspired me to go into North for a half of Alice Porter on the way home. Yours has made me open a 5am Saint before bed. Both complex, fruity, interesting beers worth savouring.

  2. >Leigh – I've posted a link on my review.I fecking love 5am Saint and on tap the hops were amazing. So fruity and sappy… a great beer, my favourite Brewdog beer too.Beerprole – Thanks, its a great beer. I think Matt at North Bar should really put me and Leigh on commission for all the business we've sent his way. 🙂

  3. >Beerprole- that's what are here for! Spreading the word Bout these great beers. Glad u got a chance to try. Rob-thanks bud- a great idea!

  4. >Beerprole- that's what are here for! Spreading the word Bout these great beers. Glad u got a chance to try. Rob-thanks bud- a great idea!

  5. >I might be losing my touch but 5am Saint tasted like overcarbonated dishwater to me – did not like

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