>Twissups, Treason and Tapping The Pumpkin


Christ, it’s been a busy week. Enjoyable, but busy nontheless. So I find myself with a spare ten minutes, on a Friday night of all nights, tapping away when the majority of Leeds beer-folk are hunting Pumpkin Ale. But more on that later.
Twissup kicked off the madness in style last Saturday; a hop to Manchester and then onto Huddersfield. There was also a hop to Stalybridge, but I got on the wrong train and missed that (honestly). A lot’s been said over the past week about this event, so I don’t want to dwell too much on it; but I would like to put my ‘official’ thanks to Mark and Andy for organising it. Apart from the great locations and beers on offer, It was a great opportunity for me to finally meet some of the people I’ve been conversing with more or less every day for the last god-knows-how-long and actually share a beer and a chat. I made a comment a few weeks ago that Blogging is like being in a virtual tap room when at it’s best and most dynamic; well, this weekend, it became real, and it was an absolute pleasure – you were all top lads and lasses. Highlights? All of it. From the cask Ola Dubh we shared in The Angel (whisky-tinged, smoky, chocolate milkshake) to the wonderful surroundings of The Marble Arch, to finding the creamy Moravka (one of my faves) available at The Grove, the day was great. I’ll be doing it again. Read here, here, and here for much better rundowns of the day.

Wednesday saw me hook up with James and Andy from Summerwine again; this time in Foley’s for a Meet the Brewer event. Having met them previously we basically carried on chatting where we left off last time over a few of their own brews; tax on beer, the government, the joys of homebrewing, and future plans. Future plans is what these lads do well; this Christmas will see a Chocolate Orange Stout appearing in our glasses, as well as the last of the (surely now-famed) Project 6 IPA range. Next year sees another project; the Nerotype Black IPA’s, the dark sister of Project 6. I for one can’t wait. Myself, Chris, Dean and Fletch happily sampled the range whilst the lads gave a good account of themselves to a decent-sized crowd. Apart from spending every waking hour brewing, they do find time for these sorts of thing, and if they come to your town – go see them. Have a pint and a chat. I can recommend the Treason Treacle Stout in particular. Here’s what BeerProle thought of the evening.

This afternoon my work schedule prevented me from getting too much time away from the desk; which as typical given that Rooster’s were hopping around Leeds dropping off their Pumpkin Ale like evil little beer-elves. However, I did manage to catch the delivery of Foley’s beer-filled treat, and hung around for the tapping and a subsequent cheeky sip. What’s it like? Well, I did only have a couple of mouthfuls and a good ol’ swirl, but there’s masses of black pepper and spice on the nose, but a much smoother, sweeter and unmistakeably vegetal body to the (amazingly clear) beer. I liked it – and hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on more of it this weekend. Twitter was rocking to the tune of a lot of bloggers going out to North and Foley’s tonight, so I imagine there will be a lot of good chatter about this beer over the weekend.

Right, I’m off to crack open a SWB P6 Brew 2 and put my feet up.

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  1. >Cheers for the link, Leigh. Got to try the Roosters Pumpkin Ale at North Bar – it was much better than I had expected, more hoppy perhaps.

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