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I’ve been looking forward to My Antonia for a while – not only because I’ve never tried an ‘Imperial Pilsner’ before, but it’s also my first Italian Craft Beer. For some reason, ales from Italy have passed me by of late.
Birra Del Borgo and Dogfish Head are the fathers (Awww ain’t it cute, Sam!) of this wonderful beer, and given that I have no reference point, I’d go as far as to say it has one of the most unique aromas I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling; floral, bright, sweet and with a vibrant, green hop character. I expected a bit of citrus in there, but no; the profile is almost herbal, all wildflowers and spice.
Gold in colour and sporting a thick, billowy head, the mouthfeel is thick, and the masses of juicy malt lay down a sweet-enough foundation for that late, long bitterness, which make My Antonia a supremely refreshing beer, despite having an abv of 7.5% and a lot of flavour. There’s a liquorice note in there too, which is surprising but works; and in summary I’d say that of the whole package – the label, the bottle, the flavour – all works. IPA fans will ave something to latch onto, Golden Ale and Belgian Blonde fans will have something to latch onto. This is new beer, from a brewery that is growing within a scene that is growing. I loved this, and I’ll be getting whatever else I can get my hands on from BDB.

This leads nicely to the fact that I’m taking a little time off – and this will be my last post until October. I’m getting married at the weekend, and then spending a much-anticipated honeymoon in the Italian Lakes, where I’m hoping I can try some more luscious Italian Craft Beers – here’s hoping. I’ll still be tweeting and all that jazz until next week – but as for blogging – I’ll speak to you all in a month’s time.

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  1. >Congrats on your forthcoming nuptuals and enjoy Italy.

  2. >Ive got a bottle of this for tonight!!good luck with the wedding and enjoy your honeymoon.

  3. >Congratulations on getting married! Enjoy your month off.

  4. >NIce work – a classic beer no doubt… Must be in the air this marriage lark, I'm getting hitched this weekend. Just got back from my stag do at brewdog… I'm attempting to write something now, I still have a touch of the shakes.

  5. >Congrats man, that rocks!

  6. >Congratulations from the Baron!

  7. >Congratulations, enjoy the time ahead.

  8. >Congratulations and enjoy the next few weeks!

  9. >thanks to all! Matt – at least if I ever forget the wedding anniversary I can ask you!!

  10. >Congratulations Leigh.Whatever you do, don't ruin your honeymoon by seeing how close the Birrificio Italiano brewpub is to where you are staying.

  11. >Congrats.This sounds like an interesting beer. Finding craft beer in Italy is a challenge, especially in Rome.

  12. >Zak – I'm alrady trying to formulate a dastardly plot to get there ….mwahahahaha!

  13. >Vi mandiamo i nostri piu’ sinceri auguri per le vostre nozze. Possiate sempre essere felici insieme.All the best from Will & Michaela

  14. >@TaleofAle – that wasn't my experience when I was there a few months ago – Rome is stuffed with great Italian craft beer.Leigh – I've not been, but if you manage it, I'll be spectacularly jealous

  15. >Will – in italian! Kudos, sir!

  16. >Congratulations! Been a bit slack recently and only just read this.

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