>Sausages. Beer. That’s It.


Fresh pork sausages from Kirkgate Market, fried in tonnes of onions, eaten whilst still hot with a jar of mustard for dipping. A robust, malt-led beer to accompany – Bevan’s Bitter from Rhymney Brewery. That’s it. Thank You.

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  1. >Often it's the simplest things which have the greatest effect… I am now desperately craving sausages and onions!

  2. >Every now and again simple pleasures like this are exactly what the doctor orders!

  3. >Sausauges and beer always hits the spot. Yesterday while helping out the brewing at a local brewpub, I had venison sausages washed down with their UK IPA – a real treat and much nicer in my opinion that American style IPAs. 6% ABV and 45 IBUs.

  4. >Mark – do it. Do it now! James – you got that right. Velky – Venison and a top-notch IPA – that's not something i'd go for either. You don't want grapefruit with something like this, you want spiciness, and a lot of sweet, caramelly malt.

  5. >That's a very German looking meal. I'd kill for a sausage right now. (On a bit of a diet. Sigh.)

  6. >Genius! What more could anyone want…?

  7. >Bailey – arrggghh!! a diet?! where does the Beer fit in?

  8. >Dribble, dribble – that looks closer to divine than an ice cube in the desert. I love me some porkers, especially when washed down with a particularly spunky English moutarde and an ale.Mmmm, cooked tubular pork.

  9. >Stormy – good use of the word 'moutarde'….couldnt agree more!

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