>Hopdaemon’s Skrimshander IPA


I’d had this beer kicking around for some time, and when I cracked it open I cursed myself for not doing so sooner – although it was a long time ago now! I didn’t blog it at the the time, but have since got another bottle in in order to evaluate it more seriously – and it was worth it. Hopdaemon are not a brewery that I’m overly familiar with, but that will change from now on. I loved this; copper in colour, with a hint of bready yeast and a touch of hop-pepperiness on the nose. Body-wise it’s light but quite sweet, and that gives a little more balance to the moderately sharp, citrussy bitterness that comes along at the end. I had chilled the bottle slightly and it certainly quenched the thirst – but this is one beer I’ll drink again and would love to try on draught, if anyone can tell me where this may be possible?
Here’s to many more, Hopdaemon.

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  1. >Agree totally. This is a fantastic beer, in no small part down to the hard work of Pete Brissended, I'm sure.Chunk.

  2. >It's in most of the supermarkets in Kent. As for cask, you'll also need to come to Kent to get it. This beer has continued to improve over the last year – it's a goodun'. We had it at Thanet Beer Festival in April and it was fantastic.

  3. >Skrimshander was one of the beery highlights of the last time I got home to the UK back in 2008, simply a tasty and drinkable beer – what more could more you want?

  4. >I had a bottle recently and it was a bit flat, I'll have to give it another go.

  5. >Thanks guys – Mark, I had a feeling you'd say that. Never seen any of thier wares 'up north'…

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