>Burton Bridge’s Stairway To Heaven


…Or a beer of the week, if you will. Seeing Burton Bridge’s beers on tap in Leeds is great, and I try not to miss out wherever possible. Stairway To Heaven, sampled at Foley’s on Friday was a brilliant case in point.

Light copper in colour, with a floral, almost juicy-fruit aroma hitting the nose, the first thing that strikes me after tasting it is just how well-balanced the whole thing is. At 5% abv it’s not entirely sessionable, but the firm, biscuity, almondy body more than compensates for the mouthwatering, tongue-tingling bitter hop-hit at the end. For sheer flavour in a glass, it takes some beating, but it is a big, big beer.

In many ways it’s an ideal representation of what I think of when I think of Burton Bridge in general; a brewer that courts tradition, with old-school pump-clips and history, yet often produces quite off-kilter beers. Off kilter in a good way. Take this example, for instance. My drinking buddy remarked it was like ‘A regular amber bitter but amped up’, and I have to agree. In a stroke in serendipity, I had a bottle of Empire Ale in the cellar, and enjoyed it in the baking sun yesterday afternoon. Crisp, dry as hell, strong and relentlessly citrussy, it’s a classy IPA for all intents and purposes and a bloody good one at that. Extreme…but not, if you know what I mean. Wonderful.

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  1. >Just got word that Stairway is in the cellar at the Rat so thanks for the review. Will really look forward to sampling this. Cheers, hope you are well!

  2. >Now then Will – i'm good thanks – just gearing up for the WC!! LEt us know what you think, I'll keep an eye out for your review!!

  3. >My limited experience of Burton Bridge would lead me to describe their offerings as a curat's egg. I've had some I've enjoyed but a couple that I've found challenging.

  4. >Paul – I can see where you're coming from. Big beers can divide opinion/tastes, for sure.

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