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Whilst in preparation for the madness at Elland Road yesterday, Friday night was very much one ‘on the sofa’ for me. Whilst taking stock of the cellar to find a suitable, low key accompaniment, I plumped for a bottle of Thwaite’s Very Nutty Black.

Now, this is an idea I like. I’m a fan of Nutty Black – The Palace in Leeds stocks it all the time, and it’s a popular beer for a dark mild. Whilst it does everything it promises, I do, however, personally find it a little thin in the body to be truly satisfying.

Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise to find that Thwaites were seemingly thinking the same thing, and had created a bottle-conditioned, ‘Export Strength’ version, Very Nutty Black (3.9% abv), which is also their first foray into bottle conditioning. The result? A smooth dark mild, with a much fuller, more rounded mouthfeel. Plenty of liquorice on the nose, and not much hop aroma. The pleasingly tan-shaded head lasts until the end, and there’s a moreish, lactic creaminess underpinning everything.

In short, everything I’d been asking Nutty Black to be. I liked this a lot – hence the post – but the only problem I’m faced with now is this: Can I go back and drink regular Nutty Black? Time will tell – I understand it will only be available during May and June.

Oh, and if you’re thinking that 3.9% abv doesn’t sound like an export strength beer, you’d be right. An amusing little note is put on the label to explain – “…This stronger beer will now be leaving Lancashire and is destined for the Far East (Leeds), and even remote areas of the Southern Hemisphere (such as Watford). Made me chuckle, anyway.

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  1. >I had a couple of bottles of this a few weeks back. First one was great, just as you've described, but the second one had an off flavour that I couldn't put my finger on.Seeing as you say it's their first attempt at a bottle conditioned ale, I'll let them off.

  2. >Yeah mate – according to CAMRA Lancashire, it is.

  3. >Good to see another mild fan blogging about mild. I shall look out for that one as a Nutty Black fan myself.

  4. >I'll kept an eye for this, Nutty Black is one of the beers I would happily spend a session on.

  5. >Sounds pretty cool, I've passed this by on a number of occasions in my local Waitrose store (Formby) expecting it to be bland and watery. Even though I live in Lancashire the only Thwaites ale that gets more than a [baron rating 3/5] is their excellent Double Century [baron rating 5/5].I'm GOING to buy a bottle of Thwaites Very Nutty Black the next time I see it (as Thwaites never respond to my email request for samples… 😦 )

  6. >Sorry about this not sure why I said I wasn't going to buy one, I'm meant that I WAS going to!Shouldn't have had so much beer last night! :)So to reiterate – you post has made me want to buy some!

  7. >You know, I find many beers these days – particularly imports – to be a bit "hot" (to use a wine term). I'm a breastfeeding mother and don't toss back more than a pint if I'm having something that's more than 6% (unless I pump). A milder beer with flavor is just what the doctor ordered….well, not really. But wouldn't it be nice if doctors ordered breastfeeding mothers to drink beer?

  8. >Heather – it's almost like a nutrient!! My mum swears when she was pregnant with me her craving was for Mackeson Stout, which may explain a lot today!!

  9. >Right due to you I am now the proud owner of a bottle of Thwaites Very Nutty Black – expect a 'baron rating' in the near future…

  10. >In that case, Baron, my work is done! I'll keep an eye out…

  11. >A couple of years ago,I picked up some Very Nutty Black from Morrisons in Denbigh, North Wales. I took it to the coast camping and it was cracking. I live in the Midlands and I'm having a devils game getting hold of it, any ideas?

  12. >Sarah – I;ve got a feeling it's only available in spring/summer…that may be the cause of your problem!!

  13. >Hallelujah! Solution found, relatives in Sheffield have come to the rescue, and located a supply!

  14. >2 for 3.00 in the local off-license, in Manchester.Excellent!

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