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…Despite this only being the third beer from Marble that I’ve tried (the others being the legendary Pint and Tawny), the enigmatically-named W43 firmly catapults them into my ‘Breweries Who Just Don’t Seem To Brew Bad Beer’ Club. Light copper in colour, with a ever-so-tan head, W43’s aroma was simply divine – Strawberries, Lychees and Peaches all made for a fruit cocktail for the nose. This fruitiness comes through on the taste, but is quickly mopped up with a creamy malt backbone, and a dry, pleasantly bitter finish. Wonderful stuff; reminiscent of those first tastes of Rooster’s Yankee all those years ago. Good Stuff, indeed; and kudos to North for getting Marble’s beers in consistently now.

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  1. >I was about to say that it would be nice to see more Marble beers in London but, actually, I'm quite happy to have a reason to keep going to Manchester.We also have a 'Breweries Who Just Don't Seem To Brew Bad Beer' Club. Who's in yours?

  2. >As of now its – Roosters (see above), Sierra Nevada, Mallinsons, Acorn, Otley, Purple Moose, Titanic, Thornbridge and now, maybe Marble…Got a few more of thiers to try!! Mordue could also be in with a shout once more of thier range is tried. Yours?

  3. >Crouch Vale, Thornbridge and Dark Star for starters. They have all brewed beers we didn't like but, generaly, we're always excited to see their stuff on offer.

  4. >Yep – I'm with you on the Dark Star vote.

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