>Easter Treats: Lamb, Twice…


Nothing complicated here, just loads of lush, springtime flavours. One leg of lamb, simply rubbed with smoked salt, fresh Thyme, garlic, Rosemary and black pepper. Drizzle with Olive oil. Slow roast for a couple of hours. Slice into generous hunks and with roasted sweet potato. Chimay Red perfectly matches the fresh herbs with it’s full, smooth sweetness and dry finish.

And the leftover lamb? We baked a loaf this morning (always a pleasure) and decided on a Greek-styled open sandwich. Slice your cold lamb thinly, coat with a little paprika and saute in a little olive oil…

…..Chuck onto your home-made bread whilst still warm and top with Feta cheese, and mixed whole olives and eat whilst the sun makes an appearance. Mikkeller’s Stateside IPA kicks all that salt from the olives and feta into touch with piney, grapefruity juiciness. Big flavours from the sandwich, big flavours from the beer.
Have a great Easter.

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  1. >Sounds like a good way to use up left-overs. Never tried an IPA with something as salty as feta. Would be interesting to try, I might have gone for something a bit lighter and more thirst-quenching.Chunk.

  2. >Chunk – seriously, man, try it. Big flavour vs big flavour. very refreshing.

  3. >I tend to repeatedly post the same comment on your blog but, one last time: "Mmmmm. That looks delicious."

  4. >Bailey – thanks! It was. I love Lamb, really do. …

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