>The Week in Beer

>It’s been an uber-busy week at work, and although I’ve not found much time to post, I’ve certainly found time to enjoy a few quiet pints whilst on the road.

First up was a leisurely lunch at Porterhouse in Covent Garden, where I found Porterhouse Red to be a decent accompaniment for my lunch, full of body and a sweet/smoky nose. I love Irish Reds, probably because I don’t get to taste a lot of them in Leeds, so this is always a treat. Despite the brickwork and brass bringing back memories of a Hersbrucker Pils-fuelled hangover(a vicious one at that), I always try and visit PH when I can. At least I know one place to get a decent pint in London.

Curiosity got the better of me when it came to dropping in at The Betjeman Arms in St Pancras. I was expecting a brick-hewn, cosy pub – instead I walked in a gastro-palace of labyrinthine proportions, full of iners and a much-depleted range of beers. Likewise, Sharp’s Betjeman Ale (what else?) turned out to be a thin, crisp, refreshing pint with more than a hint of spice on the nose, rather than the standard ‘brown’ beer I was expecting. Although pleasant enough, I walked away from the Betjeman feeling slightly unfulfilled, both in environs and beer quality/range.

Luckily, Crouch Vale’s excellent Brewer’s Gold came to the rescue when further north. A gorgeous pale-yellow in colour, it bursts forth with citrus and grass-led hop aroma, which follow through to the taste. A great session beer, and one that I could drink all night, especially when the nights get balmier.

Further north we had the chance to sample Mallinson’s Volga Porter – which, despite being a little thinner in body than I like my porters – turned out to be a smooth, chocolate-led pint that warmed and satisfied in equal measure. Mallinsons may turn out brews at a stunning rate, but I’m yet to taste a bad beer from them. Consistency is key, guys, consistency is key.


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Blog: https://goodfoodgoodbeer.wordpress.com/ I'm Leigh Linley; born and bred in Leeds, and writing about it since 2005. TGS exists solely to highlight the great beers that are out there; brewed with passion by Craft Brewers around the World. I also edit the 'Tavern Tales' section of Culture Vulture, which looks at Pubs and Pub Life rather than the beer in the glass. If you'd like to submit a piece for Tavern Tales, or contact me about any Freelance writing you think I would be suited to, then don't hesitate to contact me via email here.

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  1. >We had an enforced session at the Betjeman a week or so ago (bloody trains…) and agreed that, although it's not a great pub, by the standards of pubs in stations, it's not at all bad. Bottled German wheat beer is the best bet for a quality pint, though… and the Sheffield Tap is in a whole different league.

  2. >I would certainly agree with the 'pubs in stations' tenet. The sheffield tap deserves a trip out all of its own, from what I hear.

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